Moser Baer Crashes Hindi Movie DVD Prices Below $1 in India

Now Moser Baer DVDs are costing Rs. 34 and VCD’s for Rs. 28, thats even less than a dollar! I recently brought a new Sony DVD player and while I was out shopping for some Hindi movie DVD’s and VCD’s in Delhi, I was surprised how much prices had dropped (crashed!) in the last few months.

My neighbourhood movie rental store charges Rs 100 per DVD rental per day, and charges Rs 50 per VCD rental per day. A movie ticket in a good multiplex costs about Rs 125 per person. Online movie rentals cost you in between, with some more flexibility of delivery and longer duration of use. Why rent a DVD or waste money in a movie theatre, when you can buy a cheap DVD and watch your favorite movie as many times as you like for Rs 34 only. Compare these cheap prices with a regular VCD costing Rs 160-200 and a regular DVD costing about Rs 300-400. [1 Dollar = Rs 40-41]

Of course the number of film titles is very limited, with several old movie titles and some less recent popular movies. But it has started a price war in the DVD / VCD industry with other companies like T-Series, Ultra etc. lowering their prices too to survive the competition. This has led to an increase in the variety of cheap movie titles available in the market.

This also challenges the large pirated movies market which had developed in response to expensive DVD prices beyond the reach of the common man, allowing people to buy illegally copied cheap DVD and VCD’s. Another popular trend was DivX videos incorporating several films on one disc. Now the falling prices will make piracy difficult.

Moreover, since there is such a low difference in prices between a VCD and DVD for the same movie title, why would you buy a set of 3 VCD’s, when you can get a better quality single DVD for a little more. Of course there are no movie extras like deleted scenes, behind the scene events, movie development progress etc.

I visited the Moser Baer Online Home Video Store, where you can buy cheap DVD’s online. They are currently offering free shipping for all orders of more than 20 units (VCDs & DVDs) till 30th September 2007 (or pay a delivery charge of Rs.50 per order). The deal also offers a free VCD/DVD pouch with every purchase of 20 items!

I checked back and found that this Moser Baer initiative was announced in December last year as per a Economic Times news report and has now brought cheap DVD’s within the buying power of every Indian.

And who is the winner? the movie buff. It is time to start building your own personal home video library.

17 comments on “Moser Baer Crashes Hindi Movie DVD Prices Below $1 in India

  1. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Hi Stallon, I was truly not aware of this new deal. It was only after I bought a DVD player, I started exploring the DVD market and was surprised.

  2. Aayush says:

    yeah..I noticed it too ! the prices have taken a beating!

  3. Nirmal says:

    I purchased lot of old movie cds for around 25rs or so. DVD rental at 100 per day is too costly. I give 25rs for DVD rental, it can go upto 2 days.

  4. Rahul says:

    I’ve read that Moser Baer DVDs and media are of terrible quality. I would rather DVD prices remain where they are so long as the quality was good. It seems the only indigenous Indian company capable of putting out halfway decent DVD transfers is Shemaroo, but even their titles are hit or miss. When will India join the rest of the world and make the godforsaken VCD format completely obsolete?

  5. QuickOnlineTips says:

    @Deepak – These VCDs and DVDs are available at most music outlets like Music World.

    @Rahul – I have personally own several Moser Baer Video DVDs and they are of good quality.

  6. Ravindra Damodar Jagtap says:

    i want list of hindi movies dvd and english movies di to buy. kindly sent me list on my email address

  7. aKSHAY says:

    how can i buy moser baer cds & dvds online, is there any site pl suggest

  8. NeViLLe says:

    I still prefer the formula…
    RS-OR-MS@400bucks=100+ Movies

  9. Maneesh Jarwal says:

    Western movie studios should really learn a lesson from this and do the following in America:

    Sell movies online at YouTube/iPhone quality for $1-2. Sell movies on DVD for $3-5. And Blu-Ray movies for $8-10.

    Then they would sell much more movies. iTunes was invented to allow us to buy a particular track that we wanted for $1, instead of having to buy the whole album for $15. But you dont watch half a movie or 1/3 of a movie.

    So a different model is required for movies. The Moser-Baer model should be applied in America too!

  10. Brij says:

    Can the DVD’s be posted to my address in USA, even at higher mailing cost?

  11. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Mailings costs will be more than the price of the DVD. :-)

  12. Angst says:

    Sound is not good. There is no Dolby 5.1 or DTS. You pay for what you get. These movies will not do a good home theater justice.

  13. Rahul says:

    So highly compressed data on single layer disc(which I am guessing)with no Dolby 5.1 and DTS. I reckon it is only good from people watching movies on cable TV etc generally and definitely not for home theatre enthusiasts.

    Their Properietry software! I reckon DVD #?rink will produce much better overall results than what’s on offer here.

  14. Jiten Raichura says:

    send me a list of latest hindi movies availeble on moserbare dvds with rate near about Rs. 50.

    and also send a name of autho. dealer in rajkot or shop in rajkot.

    thanks and regards

    jiten raichura

  15. Gauravdeep Singh Gill says:

    Hi! I am a fan of great Gurudut. I like the following films directed by him:-
    Kagaz ke Phool
    Sahib, Biwi aur Ghulam,

    Is the collection of all above films available in one DVD?
    Plz help me.

  16. Hemanta K Debata says:

    Dear MB Sale Team,

    I m interested to buy numbers of hindi movies mostly old movie for own library, in this regards could you pl. in mail inform me any offer that you are having in this regard.


  17. uday rao says:

    Telugu moves

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