Mozilla Community Building Trip to India


Seth B., Manager of Mozilla’s community giving program, and Chris Hofmann, Director of Special Projects for Mozilla, were on a 2 week community building trip to India as a part of a larger objective of seeding Mozilla marketing around the world. Did you meet them?

The Mozilla Community Program is reaching out to dedicated community contributors is looking to expand to supporting new contributors and new projects and will use a portion of Mozilla revenue to support and strengthen the activities of the Mozilla community. JT Batson, from the Mozilla marketing team tells about the general plans to seed Mozilla marketing communities around the globe and provides details about marketing platform goals, marketing locale goals and the timeline/priorities for the locales.

Seth’s Blog has posted information about community building trip itinerary and their experiences at Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mahiti (NGO offered to help localize Firefox in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bangali, and English-IN) and ILUG-BOM.

Seth posts a follow-up of the exploratory, community-building trip to India and what they are doing. He points to now hosting conference calls with students from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedebad and Indian School of Business where teams will present ideas they have about spreading Mozilla software and building community in India. He posts about call with Mahiti and Indian localizers who will help take on the localization efforts for Firefox and planning for Mozilla 24, where Indian community members can participate.

Top world organizations are recognizing the power of India and its people; Mozilla is spreading in India…


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    Interesting Itenerary!

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