MozillaCamp Delhi: Firefox Unconference in India

mozillacamp delhiMozillaCamp Delhi is taking place on 10 February, 2009 at New Delhi, India. MozillaCamp is a friendly unconference where people get-together to share, learn and talk about everything related to Mozilla Firefox.

MozillaCampDelhi is the First Mozilla Unconference in India. MozillaCamp Delhi will be attended by Seth Bindernagel, Director of Localisation, a member of Mozilla’s Evangelism team, active in open source community building and marketing. Also attending will be Arun Ranganathan, Standards Evangelist, works on Web API issues, ECMAScript issues, and general web platform issues.

Though the venue is not yet finalized, if you plan to attend, you can add your name, or join them on Google groups and follow on Twitter. I am sure there are enough Firefox fans in India to make the event a grand success. Are you participating?

2 comments on “MozillaCamp Delhi: Firefox Unconference in India

  1. Viraj says:

    I am a mozilla fan.Its the best. And its good its coming to Delhi.

  2. iddaa says:

    ddaa, iddia, iddaa sonušlar?, maš sonušlar?

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