Its Nature Photography Day Today!


Its the third annual Nature Photography Day today on 15 June 2008 and North American Nature Photography Association is focusing your attention on nature photography today.

NANPA is encouraging their members to take a nature photograph on June 15 and upload (one image only) for publication in the July/August issue of Ripples bi-monthly newsletter. They say all photos will be published and there is no cost for submission. However, the rules is photos for submission must be taken on June 15, 2008 within walking distance of wherever you are on that day. Hurry! The images can be uploaded by end of day on June 16, after which the submission form will disappear.

We all can simply enjoy the day by snapping digital photographs of nature and landscapes around us and share with others on photo sharing sites like Flickr nature cluster.

Here are my pics for Nature Photography Day
Monsoon Sky
Those are the rainy monsoon clouds hitting Delhi …

Monsoon Bird
Did you notice the bird sitting on top there… power of optical zoom!


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  1. ForestWander says:

    Cool Nature Pictures!

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