Need Firefox Help? Live Support Chat with Firefox Experts

Firefox experts are providing Live Chat support to users of Firefox. There are lots of new Firefox web browser users and IE converts who can’t solve Firefox issues, and now getting real time help will be easy. If you are a Firefox Pro, you can opt in to share your knowledge too.

Free Firefox Support

Firefox FoxkehInitially Live Chat Firefox Support is open 3 hours a day from Monday through Friday only when volunteers can commit to being online to take questions.

Live Chat support is for Firefox only. As of now, support is in English language only. What you say will be recorded – transcripts will be kept for quality purposes and to keep info in the knowledge base up to date.

Current Support timings

  • Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 9am to 12pm PST (GMT -8)
  • Tuesday and Thursday: 1pm to 4pm PST (GMT -8)

If you cannot provide support in those hours, they have an After hours policy where you can login to the server anytime and help any users. If you can reliably operate in those hours, let them know and maybe operating hours might be expanded.

Remember that helpers are only volunteers and are not authorised Mozilla employees. As always, Mozilla will never ask you for personal information or passwords. So protect your privacy online. If you are Firefox guru, help newbie Firefox users in troubleshooting their issues.

To get started, you will need to install the Spark client for your OS. Spark is a third party application that, combined with the server-side Openfire software, lets you take questions from the users who access the Live Chat support through a web interface.

More Firefox support is available in the knowledge base or the forum or the basic troubleshooting article.

11 comments on “Need Firefox Help? Live Support Chat with Firefox Experts

  1. Gibo says:

    hi. need help. when i download a zipped file, my firefox begins to continuously open new tabs until it stops responding. what could be wrong? thanks.

  2. anita says:

    every time i go to and try to do a puzzle there firefox closes down on me. What is wrong? It just started to happen. Please help

  3. David Shaw says:

    Recently I’ve been having trouble with my history sidebar automatically opening whenever I open Firefox. For personal reasons, I don’t want this to continue. This problem happened a while back and I was able to find some instructions online to fix it, but of course, I can’t find them now. Can I get some assistance with this, please? Thanks!

  4. Vaneet says:

    This is Vaneet… I have Toshiba Laptop (A215-S7444)with in-built camera in it… There is some problem in my camera… sometimes it works and sometimes it does not… Can u please figure out the problem…

  5. Amy LaGoy says:

    A couple of days ago, my firefox browser stopped downloading images. I don’t know why this happened and can’t get it back. The preferences default is set to download images automatically. I’ve restarted and reinstalled firefox… still nothing. I’m using a Mac running OS 10.2.8

  6. Theresa Desautels says:

    Hi, my firefox is not recording my history at all and because of that my toolbar is empty and it won’t let me drag anything to recreate it. I don’t remember doing anything to my preferences that would spark this change, but it started randomly when I opened my firefox and all of a sudden my bookmark toolbar was gone. I am running on the latest version of firefox–can you help me please? thank you.

  7. Scott says:

    Hi, I’m Scott and it’s more a problem with firefox, how do I get it so i don’t need to type .com when i enter a website, so for instance all i’d need to put if i wanted to go to youtube is “youtube”.

  8. Nova says:

    I installed firefox and when I try ro open I get a that reads that i already have a vs of firefox running and i need to close it, the thing is inknow very little about firefox and very little about computers , but if u could help me and explain it so i could understand i would truly appreciate the help

  9. Zi says:

    After deleting cookies, temp files, that sorta regular stuff.
    Firefox is minimizing itself without the prompt to do so.
    Any help?

  10. Rex says:

    I closed all toolbars in a separate window with firefox, when I rebooted firefox opened up with no toolbars and I can’t find how to enable them.

  11. Digital Capacitor : says:

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