New Digg Algorithm Favors Diversity for Front Page Stories

The Digg algorithm has changed again and is geared to ensure only the best stories get to the front page, not promoted by a team of Diggers, but by a larger diversity in Digging activity, such that all stories get a fair chance of getting their submission promoted to the home page…

Digg annouced changes to the new algorithm:

“Occasionally you will see stories in the upcoming section with 100+ Diggs – this is evidence of our promotion algorithm hard at work. One of the keys to getting a story promoted is diversity in Digging activity. When the algorithm gets the diversity it needs, it will promote a story from the Upcoming section to the home page. This way, the system knows a large variety of people will be into the story.”

Earlier also they had made it difficult to game Digg, but this algorithm change has caused another outburst in the Digg community. It seems to greatly affect the Top Digg Diggers who have written an open letter to Digg (also posted to Drilldown)

“If Digg is a game then we are ready to play for keeps. What happens if the most powerful users in the community decide to leave? Will others join? Is Digg anything without us? Let’s prove it.”

Following proposal of a Digg embargo, where no Digg users would submit or Digg stories until January 28th, Digg founder Kevin Rose and CEO Jay Adelson joined the chat and gave their feedback. Meanwhile sites like Subvert and Profit are minting money by offering you $2/Digg!

2 comments on “New Digg Algorithm Favors Diversity for Front Page Stories

  1. Planet Apex says:

    That’s good. Digg is a very interesting place. you can find all the coolest, hottest and best web content there. But yeah, at the moment it is difficult to get digg votes for content submitted by small diggers. Hope Digg improves this.

  2. Syahid A. says:

    Yeah, I hope this can further improve the quality of a Digg’s post and less Digg-spam.

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