New Livejournal Ad Supported Sponsored Account

If you blog using Live Journal, then you previously had only 2 options of a free basic account or a paid feature rich account. Now you can opt for an ad supported intermediate features account on Live Journal.

LiveJournal introduced this Sponsored+ account level as an option for users who want access to premium features but would rather have advertising on their journal and Friends page and in the LiveJournal site than purchase a Paid account.

If you look at the Features by Account Type, you can get some nice features like 1Gb ScrapBook photo hosting storage and ability to post photos and text to your journal via your web-enabled phone or mobile device. Sponsored+ level users can also create their own mood icons and use the domain name forwarding feature.

Free LiveJournal users can opt in to the Sponsored+ level or purchase a Paid account. And you can always switch back to the Free level. You can set your preferred ad categories and help deliver the most relevant ads by adding to your interests list. This beta launch will include lots of LiveJournal ads, public services ads and Google text ads. If you are a free user, upgarde your LiveJournal account to Sponsored and give it a try.

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