New Sony Playstation PS4 Games Trailers [Videos]

The new Sony Playstation 4 has been announced and watch the PS4 Game trailer videos which will challenge your gaming skills to the next level. Find embedded below the first look of the new PS4 games which will be available soon.

Play Killzone Shadow Fall, where the Helghast and the Vektans live in a futuristic city spearated by a vast wall

Play inFAMOUS: Second Son, a world where superhumans are hunted by the Department of Unified Protection. and Delsin Rowe discovers his new powers.

Play Driveclub, the next generation, socially connected racing game

Play Watch Dogs, control and hack everything around you in Chicago.

Play Knack to watch hime transform into a gigantic fighting machine.

Play The Witness and explore an abandoned island and solve puzzles

Destiny, another amazing PS4 game.

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  2. pedro martinez says:

    Have you learnt exactly where i can have a cheap ps3, i am really on a budget and my daughter 6th
    birthday is the following month.

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