New to WordPress? Experts Install WordPress For Free


When I shifted from Blogger to WordPress, I wished that someone could guide me through the new wordpress installation. I could have hired expert help for a fee or get expert support in the ever knowledgeable WordPress forums. But there are a group of experts who can install a new WordPress for you for free!

Visit the install4free website. This service is only for individuals wishing to install WordPress for personal blogging purposes. This free service is offered by experienced WordPress experts.

You must have your own domain name and web hosting before requesting this service. You need to reveal your hosting login and password for the wordpress expert to create a database, and upload files via FTP. They will provide you a functional and checked wordpress installation. Remember they will not install any themes (besides the usual default and classic) or plugins (except Akismet and Hello Dolly) and will not upgrade.

I think this is a great service for first time wordpress users, as they help you experience the power of WordPress without the initial inhibitions you might have about MySQL, PHP and databases. Post a comment on their blog (which will not be published) and wait for the authorized installer to contact you.

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