How to Use PAD Files to Get Links

In this article I have shared that what are PAD files and how to use those PAD file to get successful links and better SEO.

What is a PAD File?

Get linksWhen software developers want to submit their software to various freeware and shareware directories, there is a standardized format used to hold all of the information about the software. A file in this format is called a PAD file, and it uses basic XML markup to store information about the software in question. The file size, the download URL, relevant keywords, and other data are stored in these files. Instead of requiring developers to fill out tons of different forms, most shareware and freeware directories just accept PAD files directly.

While you’re more than welcome to type out a PAD file in a basic text editor like Notepad, a more efficient way of creating a PAD file is by using a freeware program like There are a few programs out there like PAD Creator which are free to download, and allow you to quickly fill out a series of forms to generate a PAD file for your new download.

How can a PAD File Generate an Inbound Link?

First, you have to create some sort of download relevant to your site. Something as simple as taking a few text articles and putting them in a zip file is sufficient for this purpose. Second, you create a PAD file that uses your website as the URL for more information about the download. Third, you submit the PAD file you created to tons of shareware and freeware directories using an automated program like RoboSoft or the Ideas Beta PAD Submitter.

What happens next is that each of the directories that accept your submission will create a page that lists all of the information in your PAD file. This page will include a link back to the website you used as the URL for more information about the download, and that’s how building links from PAD files works.

Generate Links from PAD File Directories

For people involved in SEO, building links is one of the most important tasks there is. Despite being so important, boosting the ranking of pages in search engines with inbound links isn’t very difficult. The main problem people have when working on SEO is that link-building is tedious.

Because of this, any link-building approach that can quickly gather high-quality inbound links is very valuable. Here we’re going to take a look at one such approach that will allow you to generate links from PAD file directories quickly and efficiently.

Getting Ideas for Downloads

When people start using this idea for building links, one of the main problems they have is coming up with ideas for downloads. For sites that use content that is mostly text, it can seem difficult to come up with anything that is relevant enough for a software directory.

To get out of this mode of thinking, you have to realize that any type of media that you own the rights to can be made into a download. In fact, you could just take some of your own articles, repackage them as a PDF, and call it an eBook. Each article can be a new eBook, and a different download. The more downloads you have, the more links you get from submitting PAD files.

Making the Links Relevant

Search engines don’t value all links equally. One way to make your links count for more is to have them come from sites that are relevant to the content on your website. What this means is that when you generate links from PAD file directories, you’ll need to make sure that the pages those links come from have content on them that is relevant to your niche.

The best way to do this is by populating your PAD file with lots of quality content, especially in the program description field and the keyword list field. Adding good content here will boost the quality of all of the links you generate with this method, and give you a big collective push in the search engine rankings.

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  1. Rakesh Kumar says:

    Well this is good news for developer guys. Now they have an extra link building trick.

  2. Tom Puschen says:

    Thanks for the hint with the pad files. I am not really understood what a pad file is – but I will ask google. So thanks a lot and kind regards from Germany.

  3. Swamykant says:

    Thanks for explaining the PAD files.

  4. Jew Mark says:

    Nice instruction with enough detail.

  5. Stefan says:

    Each time you fake a software and do this you risk to get your domain BLACKLISTED!

    Padfiles are for software ONLY, and Download directories are for software only …

    Most download sites knows of this abuse and you WILL get blacklisted, and it is not funny … It will prevent you from any submissions in the future.

    The new trend is download sites share blacklisted domains with each other, so if one site blacklist you, soon you will be blacklisted on more or less ALL download sites!


  6. App Tuck says:

    Its a really a helpful for SEO off page task. Because its might be according search engines point off view.


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    Wow! Why did I not know about this all this time? I hope it is not too late. I will try it immediately and get some backlinks. Thanks

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