Panasonic Online Video Fest : Submit Funniest YouTube Videos

Panasonic Online Video Fest attempts at showcasing the funniest short films and home videos on YouTube.

The four funniest videos on YouTube, chosen over a four-week competition period, compete against each other for the First Prize Video Award Package – a 50-inch Panasonic Plasma HDTV. The contest begins on May 29, 2006 and ends on June 22, 2006.

Create a live-action or animated video not longer than five minutes, log in to and upload your video. Join the Panasonic Online Video Fest YouTube group and Follow the onscreen instructions to add your video to the group.

Each week, for four weeks, five nominees will be chosen to compete for a chance at the First Prize. The funniest video will be chosen from the five nominees every week to become a finalist in the Panasonic Video Awards. At the end of the four weeks, the finalists will battle it out for the title as the funniest thing on YouTube…and for the prizes.

Every week is a new round. Every round ALL VIDEOS (except the winner) get another chance at a spot in the finals. So enter your shorts and home videos now. Then check back every Monday to see the weekly nominees.

You can also join the Panasonic Video Review Awards by reviewing at least one of the five nominees each week on the Panasonic Online Video Fest website. Once the winning video is selected for the week, the most creative review of that video will be awarded with a new digital camera.

Submit your YouTube videos to Panasonic Online Video Fest today and win.

2 comments on “Panasonic Online Video Fest : Submit Funniest YouTube Videos

  1. Dillon Shepherd says:

    I think that Scarlet Takes a Tumble should have been up there. It was even popular enough to be made into a parody!

  2. Leandra Truncellito says:

    I love youtube but yeah it can have some bad points. Like with copyright and stuff.

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