Parents Can Gift Free PayPal Student Accounts to Teens

Now parents can gift their teenage children free Paypal student accounts and grant them limited financial freedom. These new Paypal Student Accounts are actually sub-accounts set up by parents, which enable teens to safely use money and buy stuff they need.

paypal student

Parents can keep full account of all money spent by their kids, and can set the spending limit they want. Parents can maintain upto four PayPal subaccounts for their teens, and transfer money on a one-time or recurring basis. Parents can  easily check account balances, get low balance alerts and even transfer money to their teens’ account via their mobile phones.

Teens learn how to manage money and can easily shop online with PayPal and in stores using the Student Card. They can check their account balance and easily request money from their parents via simple text message from their mobile phones.

Get a Paypal Student Account today and teach your children how to manage money. Remember The Student Account is currently available in the United States only.

One comment on “Parents Can Gift Free PayPal Student Accounts to Teens

  1. Samantha Milner says:

    This is a great idea and obviously paypal are cashing in on a niche in the market. I live in a different country to my parents and this sounds like a great idea for them to send their grandkids their xmas and birthday money.

    At the moment we are relying on the postal system to send cash and this can be a real pain.

    thanks for the tip


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