PCWorld Technology Magazine in India

PCWorld is the premium technology magazine worldwide. I recently spotted the PCWorld India edition at the local magazine seller. I got hold of the magazine (incidently July was the first issue, and now the second issue is out) and was not surprised why it is the premier tech magazine worldwide.

The content is amazing with lots of tips and tricks presented in a easily readable and understandable format for newbies and IT professionals alike. It is priced reasonably too with an inaugral issue price of Rs.60. And the magazine comes packed with a dual layer DVD full of essential upgrades, software goodies and free full software products. They recently launched the PCWorld India website too.

This increases the competition among the popular Indian technology and gadget magazines like Digit, Living Digital, PCQuest etc.

Apparently the buzz-was-much-more when Maxim was launched in India few months back.

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