: Quick Bookmarklets is the most popular bookmark manager on the web.
Currently there are three ways for posting of posts available on the official page here. Bookmarklets are tiny pieces of javascript code which are stored in a url.

What you require is to fill the url and description as compulsory items. ‘Extended’ and ‘tags’ are optional items. There are many of us who would really like to skip the appearence of these post screens and add links to bookmarks just by one click without bothering to enter the url or title of the page, extension or tags. I have created a bookmarklet which will quickly add your favourite site in one click fast.

Instruction to use these bookmarklets

  • Just drag the bookmarklet to your bookmark toolbar, or right click (Do NOT left click) and select “Add to Bookmarks” or “Add to Favorites” depending on which browser you use.
  • When you want to run the bookmarklet, just select and click it.
  • If you are not logged in to or have not enabled your browser to save your username and password, a pop up alert will be ask for username and password. This is required by API scripts and required by to identify your account, so is very trustworthy.
  • After the job of the tool is done, posted or deleted, you will end on the task done screen which will display this –
    < ?xml version='1.0' standalone='yes'?>
    < result code= “done”>
    < result >done< /result>
  • Just click ‘Back‘ and you will be back to the original page you were viewing.
  • All done in ‘One Click’ and ‘Back’

With the pop up type of tools, you can keep on adding and deleting multiple urls or renaming tags without going back and they can run from any page. The add tools will not enter extensions and tags, and they have to be edited later. As I said, these tools are for fast bookmarking only. So here they are – right click (Do NOT left click) and add to Favourites now.

Update: Bookmarks to post have been updated and made more powerful based on the new API and can be found here – Fastest Ways to Post Bookmarks to The remaining ones are below.

  • Quick Delete Current Url – Running this will delete the current page url, if it was previously added to your bookmarks and proceed to the task done screen. This is useful if you feel you do not need to keep the current url in your bookmarks.
  • Quick Delete Current Url (Pop Up) – deletes the current page url, if it was previously added to your bookmarks and proceed to the task done screen. Opens is a pop up window so that it does not disturb your current page.
  • Quick Delete Any Bookmarked Url – It will open a pop up screen, jut fill in the url to delete and it deletes your previously added bookmark in one click. Once on the task done screen, rerun the bookmarklet again, enter another url to delete and so on. Works on any page. Very useful to delete multiple urls quickly.
  • Rename Any Tag – A prompt window asks you for the name of the old tag you want to rename, then asks for the new tag name. Then goes on to the task done screen. Rename multiple tags by running the script again and again. Works from any page.
  • Quick Experimental Post (Pop up) – this is a modification of the current excellent official ‘experimental post to’ wherein upon using this tool the post screen opens in a pop up without disturbing the current site you are bookmarking. Also this window is fully resizable with scrollbars i.e. you can drag sides to change size of the window. Window closes after posting.

New bookmarklets are being added here soon. Please check back soon.

12 comments on “ : Quick Bookmarklets

  1. paulie says:

    Is there any way to make the popup post link pop up in the foreground? Instead of popping underneath the active window?

  2. Anonymous says:

    This ( is a *Great* little bookmarklet but there seems to be one problem, it makes me login every time. Yes, i know you mentioned that if you weren’t already logged in but I am logged in and can open up in another page and show up as logged in. I use Opera 8.02, do you have any suggestions?


  3. Anonymous says:

    for other people who are wondering same thing as poster above…

    in the javascript url, change pchere to your username.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Cool thanks for the experimental bookmarklet. also the “username” did the trick for the persistent login box. However,the window will not close after posting, do you guys have the same behavior? thanks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    never mind the previous post, the problem went away

  6. medycyna says:

    You are right.
    I will try this tools soon.
    Bye. Medycyna

  7. Peter Fleck says:

    Some excellent tools. I’m looking for one additional feature which is the ability to input a post date rather than default to the current date. (The API allows for this.) The reason for this is that I use a account for categorizing my blog and I want to input my old blog posts in the correct order.

  8. bookmarking demon download says:

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  9. meizitang lin says:

    i agree. it was just temporary

  10. meizitang says:

    i agree. it was just temporary

  11. yemade says:

    never mind the previous post, the problem went away

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