Power Plugin to Customize Kontera Ad Links

Do you keep editing the Kontera code whenever you need to match it to your new site design? Do you wish to display Kontera ads only after the post is one day old? Do you want to display Kontera only on your numerous comments, and not the content? Its simple.

This degree of customization is possible now with the latest Kontera WordPress Plugin which promises to customize Kontera to your liking. Some new features are –

* Add the ContentLink tag to all your pages in one click
* Block ContentLink ads from appearing on particular posts or categories
* Determine when ContentLink ads will begin appearing on new posts
* Display ContentLinks only on posts
* Display ContentLinks only on comments
* Change ContentLinks color

Download WordPress Plugin for WordPress 2.5

Now those are some amazing features and will help you better optimize Kontera to your site. Many regular readers find In-text advertising very obtrusive, but we still persist for earning those few dollars.

You can now disable Kontera on fresh posts and only get ads when articles get older, thus, not annoying regular readers who hate in-text advertising. If you get thousands of comments, you can now choose to get ads only on comments. And if you think high paying Google Adsense ads in your web hosting category pays well, simply disable ads in those categories…

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