Preview Adobe Brio: Host Unlimited Online Meetings

Adobe Labs has launched Brio Beta, the next generation of Adobe Acrobat Connect, a web meeting service built with collaboration in mind for individual professionals and small businesses.

Host Unlimited Online Meetings

Brio beta allows you to host unlimited online meetings with up to 3 meeting participants, and since it uses the Adobe’s Flash platform, Brio operates inside most popular web browsers, without the need for a compatible system or software.

With Brio you can interact with screen sharing, chat and whiteboards and access your meeting with a personalized easy URL too. It is easy to distribute documents and files to meeting participants and use integrated VoIP, teleconferencing and multi-point video.

Sign up for a Brio beta account which includes unlimited online meetings with easy-to-use screen sharing, whiteboard, chat, audio and video. Remember that this is a technology preview, not a final release, so don’t be surprised to find bugs, but do report them to improve the product.

If you need web-conferencing for your business enterprise and want to remove technology barriers of traditional web conferencing – try Acrobat Connect Professional.

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