Quaero European Search Engine Under Development

Do you think any search engine could rival Yahoo or Google… Meet Quaero – the European Search Engine under development.

Excerpt from a Digital Media Asia reports of the French President’s plan for a European search engine to rival US internet companies such as Yahoo and Google.

“Those involved in the Quaero project, including Thomson, France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom, have said that it will be much more than a typical search engine. It will provide an array of multimedia tools for identifying and indexing images, sound and text. Quaero will also reportedly include a powerful translating tool which will be able to ‘understand’ audio as well as text. The developers plan to make Quaero available on all platforms, including PCs, mobile devices and digital TVs.”

Quaero does promise some amazing new features. The ability to harness the power of audio in search seems tempting, and a good audio powered translating tool available across mobile devices will be a good development. Surely Google is also working in these areas and voice search should be here in near future.

However they do note that Quaero is still in the earliest stages of development, and will probably not be available anytime in the near future. It would be interesting to watch its progress as it has a strong financial support by major telecom companies. Till then Google is the reigning search engine and a good one too!

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