Qualified Google Advertising Professional Program

Google Advertising Professional Program is designed for professionals who currently manage or want to manage multiple AdWords client accounts.

How do you become a Qualified Google Advertising Professional?
Sign up for the program successfully after accepted the Rules of Use. Manage at least one AdWords account (yours or someone else’s) in My Client Center for 90 days and build and maintain at least US$1,000 (or your local currency equivalent) total spend for your or your team’s My Client Center account during the 90-day period. Pass the Google Advertising Professional Exam. Read the detailed FAQ.

My Client Center (MCC) allows support for large advertisers with multiple AdWords accounts and third-party agencies, such as search engine marketers (SEMs), search engine optimizers (SEOs), and automated bid managers (ABMs), who manage and optimize multiple AdWords accounts. Use program features, such as promotional credits and marketing tools, to help bring in new clients. You may use your Qualified Google Advertising Professional Logo to show off your Qualified status on your website and in your marketing materials.

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  1. suchmaschinenmarketing says:

    do you know if google gives a provision to advertising professionals?

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