Rails Day 2006 : Develop Ruby on Rails Applications

Rails Day 2006 is being held on June 17 and the aim is to develop the the best Ruby on Rails application in 24 hours.

Your application must be developed with Ruby on Rails entirely within the 24 hour competition period. This includes digital mock-ups, identity design, XHTML, CSS, Flash, Javascript, etc. Your team must be composed of between one and three people.You must use the official Subversion competition server while developing your application and may make use of publicly available Rails plugins or publicly available Ruby libraries provided they are installable via gem and they do not make use of Rails itself. And finally your application must be licensed such that the code can be viewed publicly. It seems the prize sponsors are still awaited.

Ruby on Rails is “a full-stack framework for developing database-backed web applications according to the Model-View-Control pattern”. You can visit the Ruby on Rails wiki to get some insightful ideas about rails, ruby language, and what every webmaster and web developer must know about Ruby on Rails programming and AJAX. Participate on Rails Day 2006!

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