Finance Your Marriage by Recycling Wedding Cans!

Pete and Andrea, are on a unique mission to pay for their wedding by recycling 400,000 aluminum (wedding) cans. They set up and they have built a whole social media campaign on Twitter and Facebook around it!

Since Aluminum recycling is one of the most sustainable and useful forms of recycling, they are aiming for 400,000 aluminum cans, approximately 5 tons of empty cans, saving about 50 tons of carbon emissions, which would help them generate about $4000 and finance their wedding on July 31, 2010. Will the Wedding Cans make it happen?

How can you help? In the Spokane (Washington) area you can drop your cans off at one of the Drop-off locations in Spokane or Coeur d’ Alene or contact them and they will pick up your cans. Outside Spokane?   Find a local recycling center and recycle there.

Catch them on this AP interview.

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    This is a outstanding post, but I was wondering how do I suscribe to the RSS feed?

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    I’m shocked, the Euro slipped currently under 1.19 !

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