Remove Your Face, House, Car from Google Street View

Google Street View can easily photograph your face, house, car, license plate etc. and display it across the world which may raise privacy concerns. But it is easy to remove such personal images from Google Street View easily.

Google respects your privacy and usually blurs identifying personal details. But now you can ask Google to have photographs of yourself, your children, cars or houses completely removed from the Google Street View even where the images have already been blurred.

Step I – Identify Street View

First find the Google Street View page. Visit Google Maps, zoom to the maximum zoom possible, and if a Street View is available, you can see the details. You can also make the small orange man on the bottom right screen walk along the street and watch the Street View change.

For example, I walked along the Market street in San Francisco on Google maps, and found several people and shops. Suppose I want to report that the Google Street car photographed my face and pasted it on Google Street view, I can report it to Google.

Step 2 – Report Inappropriate Google Street View

After you identify the concerned Google Street View, see the bottom left of the concerned map screen, and look for the faint “Report a Problem” link. Click on it.

report street view

Step 3 – Report Privacy Concerns

Clicking on this link takes you to the Google Local Business Centre page where you can Report Inappropriate Street View.

report face car house

They allow you to report a face that has not been blurred, an identifiable photo of your face or your child face, your legible license plate that has not been blurred, a picture of your car, your house, inappropriate offensive or NSFW images, bad image quality, security concerns etc. Report your Street View problem in detail and fill in your email

Step 4 – Focus Face, Car, House on Street Image

They provide an detailed Street View Image you reported. Adjust the red box in 3D by moving your mouse and clearly focus on the part of the image you are reporting.

google street concern

Submit it and you are done. Check the neighbourhood around your house on Google Maps Street View, and if you find yourself there, unblurred and easily identifiable, report to Google and get yourself blurred or removed.

71 comments on “Remove Your Face, House, Car from Google Street View

  1. Mrs Gillian Callaghan says:

    I have tried to remove my house,car, face from this web site and it is not working can you please remove all.
    I would appreciate an email to confirm this,
    kind regards.

  2. mrs T says:

    I have tried to remove my house car etc from this site!
    please remove and email confirmation that you have done so.

  3. M Brooks says:

    I wish to remove the image of my house and street immediately from the Google Street website. The ‘report a problem’ does not work. I can find no other way of contacting you.
    I consider this a gross invasion of privacy and request immediate response enabling me to remove this image.
    I am writing to my MP
    M Brooks

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      You have to visit Google Maps first > then locate the street view to which you have objection > then find the Report a problem link at the bottom of that page. This article is for informational purpose only.

  4. Blake Hamilton says:

    Address are public knowledge anyway so anyone can find your home if they have GPS etc if they are looking for you. And if you or your kids are in the yard are you blurred out in real life should they drive by! Geez people its not that serious.

    • Rasta says:

      Gee, I bet bush, rockefeller, rothschild, ford, gates, and all those families will surely let someone come up to their property and photograph their assets with NO problem, right? Try hanging out at the WH taking pics of even the lawn and see if you are not removed. It is BS.

      Just because we can do it doesn’t mean it MUST be done, as others have said. Why do you need to see my personal property anyway? All you need is an X to mark the spot. Communitarianism has a stronghold on this country and it is obvious. Some people are private, others are not; so, why should your opinion be more valid than a person that likes privacy?

    • M says:

      There is marked difference between someone having to travel to your home or when 3 billion people can simply log onto google streetview. I think streetview is a wholesale breach of privacy and should be stopped. I have already spoken with my councillor and MP. They have vouwed to make this a political item.

    • Zepol says:

      Excuse me? Yes addresses are part of public domain but photography of private property with probably cause such as a home refinace or a pending court case is truly a violation of a person privacy. Haven’t you even thought that maybe a criminal can use that information to plan a crime?

  5. O Harrison says:

    I wish to remove the image and street immediately from your google street website. Advice about the ‘report a problem’ from your website and on television this evening does not work. Please remove my house and car from your site with immediate effect and email confirmation that you have done so. This is a violation of privacy. It should be legislated against.

  6. Laird Ronald Bisset says:

    please remove my house from your streetview maps

  7. Mr W says:

    This isn’t good enough – there’s no way to prevent a house appearing in street view beforehand. The only remedy is to wait until you find out that your house/car/face appears and then to have it removed (maybe), and needs legislation now. Like many others, I have no problem with CCTV, but for someone to drive a high-viewpoint camera round is a step too far.

  8. Mr KL says:

    Report a Problem doesn’t work for sure however I will be calling their HQ until my property is removed. I’m sure the problem will be resolved after a few thousand calls – don’t hesitate call them!

  9. John says:

    This really doesn’t work for removing a house. I have found over 40 unique images which contain my home. It can be seen from so many different angles that getting Google to remove all of them just isn’t practical.
    Can’t believe the idiots who are asking you to remove images. I sincerely doubt they can even work Street View.
    Even worse is the people who say they have no right to photograph their property. Yes, they do. So do I. I can go take a photo of any house I wish, and post it online at any time, and it’s perfectly legal.

    • Chris H says:

      “Even worse is the people who say they have no right to photograph their property. Yes, they do. So do I. I can go take a photo of any house I wish, and post it online at any time, and it’s perfectly legal.”
      Wrong. If I say you cant do it, then you can’t and I’ll sue you if you try, for every penny you’ve got.

      • Steven says:

        But since legally he doesn’t need your permission, if you don’t stop him outright, he can do it. And if you try to sue afterwards, you would have a very shaky case. I can’t believe you people. All I have to do is hop in a car and drive down these streets and I will see a lot more than street view gives. It’s perfectly legal, and isn’t an invasion of privacy, since it only shows things that any one driving by would see. Its an excellent tool and there are many uses. You people and your “Privacy”. I believe in privacy, but only where it already exists.

        • neil says:

          I have been a police officer for 30 years and i know that this problem could pose a danger for some houesholders ,especially those who may hav an expensive car on view. Criminals target house with nice cars and in some cases may use violence in order to obtain that nice porsch,bmw whatever.
          Of course by using streetview they can easily identify in a short space of time which houses to target so the aforementioned comment is naive to say the least. one day someone will be attacked in their house because of this facility and then I hope that google are seriously sued.

  10. Concerned says:

    John, It is everyones right to have their
    house removed from google street view if they wish.
    As to their reasons, well thats none of our business.


  11. Jesse says:

    @everyone, this is a commentary about an article, saying that you want your house removed here does nothing.

    @everyone, in the United States there is something called the First Amendment. In the First Amendment it clearly states freedom of speech and expression. From a legal standpoint this is a form of speech and expression and thus protected by law. The fact that Google even offers you to remove images of structures, vehicles, and people is a courtesy because they are not legally bound to do so.

    In addition this could also fall under grounds of freedom of the press and would also be considered protected by law.

    @Evan, tyranny is a form of government. Google is a business not a government.

  12. Alun Williams says:

    So far as I am aware, our house has not yet appeared on Google Street website. I wish to ensure that it NEVER appears on your website. I have no wish to make public my address and therefore request a confidential email address so that I may provide you with the full address. Alun Williams

  13. m.mumford says:

    please remove or blur out my car registration number

  14. Ben says:

    Common people!!

    If I go thru a street (in real life).. am I not allowed to see your house?.. or you? your childrens?… or lets see your mammas or dogs?

    your privacy is whats inside your home.. that Im not allowed to see, if u dont invite me!

    Then.. what all these buzz about beeing “catched” on google street view?.. what about those who just are on the street, when a camera man are filming something?.. yes… u would been seen on TV by millions! <-- does anyone has thought about that?If everyone would like to take their faces away, I propose Google, that they can put me on every others place!!... I still up at a photo shoot!.. (and for free).I mean... grow up people!, the moment you are born, even then.. the first touching you arent your parents but some people you dont know at all.. did you let them?... heh, lets sue all of them! Cheers!,

  15. Mick Sanderson says:

    I object strongly to making images of where I live available to everyone. It should be clear that Streetview allows individuals – some curious and perfectly inoffensive but others with more nefarious purpose – to easily view the geography of a location and property within it which they would otherwise have beeen unaware of.
    Anyone who comes into our small hamlet is usually noticed, it is this community interaction which has helped keep our area crimefree. Street view invades privacy through allowing unregulated access to the geographical area in which we live. It pays no attention to the formal democratic framework or informal local custom which help a community manage itself successfully.

  16. Jake Knight says:

    Suprised to see such an invasion of privacy. Here in the UK people that use CCTV equipment must be licensed (public spaces) so how on Earth does Google escape such excemption particularly as they are zoooming into ones front garden which subsequently allows the world to do the exact same!
    Big Brother is watching

  17. mr tm says:

    what about stalkers? this makes it quite easy for them, or any criminal for that matter. or what about identity theives? makes their job a lot easier if they want to rifle through your trash to find some personal info, i bet our trash cans locations are in the pics too…….big brother didnt think this thing through to its inevitible conclusion.

  18. angela says:

    I don’t mind my house/street being on Google Streetview …. but right the very moment the car passed my very quiet road I was sat outside on the step in my pyjamas and high heels, hair unbrushed, having a cigarette…. hope the landlord doesn’t see that as it’s a no smoking building and it’s obvious it’s me.

    That’s the thing, if you’re photographed outside your house, it’s obvious to anybody who knows you that it’s you.

    I did ask Google to remove it, but it’s still there :(

    And now I can’t email a link to it to people to say “this is where I live” because they’ll see me sat in PJs and high heels having a cigarette.

  19. delia shepherd says:

    it should not be up to the individual to have to opt out of public surveillance– if the technology is not there to request instant removal permanently of your property — simply on line & by post for those that dont use the internet– the only way forwards is for every comunity to band together to slash tires barricade camers vehicles on sight & try to smash the cameras, then the ‘service’ would soon become unviable

  20. M.D. says:

    Regardless as to whether or not it is allowed, Google has chosen to make many of their users EXTREMELY uncomfortable. If they choose to update pictures of our home leads to the possibility of my 3 year old daughter being photographed and that terrifies me. Do they update photos? I am so extremely disappointed with Google that I feel as though I am going to have to resort to other search engines until this UNETHICAL act is resolved.

  21. JD says:

    I can not believe you people are so freaked out about this. Get a life people, no one is going to stalk your trash can using google earth. And unless you have your personal info painted in huge letters on the front of your house how could anyone steal your identity just by looking at your house?

    p.s. – Angela, if you live in a non smoking building, maybe you should not smoke. How would your landlord catching you in a lie be google’s fault?

  22. James Parker says:

    I like picking random neighborhoods on google street view to walk around and see if I can see people in their yard. I love GOOG.

  23. Juan P says:

    As someone who has to register as a S.O. I like using google street view to see which houses may or may not have children. This way I know which ones to stay away from and avoid temptation.

  24. d says:

    Try to drive up to google’s research facility and start taking pictures…see what happens.

  25. Jenny says:

    i think everyone has the right to choose whether or not they wish for photos of their house to be available via google maps.

    Some people feel uneasy while others simply dont mind. And google should accept each individual’s own decision and remove photos on request.

    I personally find it a bit creepy that a photo of my house can be accessed in a few seconds on the internet. But thats just me.

  26. Observer says:

    This tool makes it much easier for home invasion crooks to single out a house to rob…

  27. Jack says:

    Vote with your PC until Google gets the message.

    STOP USING ANY GOOGLE SERVICES – then google will get the message.
    (don’t make google your default search engine, don’t use picasa, don’t use Google maps etc. etc.)

    People feel invaded. It might be legal but that doesn’t make it inoffensive.The opportunity cost of someone walking down my street to “stake out” my house is so great that it will put off 99.9% of people doing it, but now google is offering free snooping for all and sundry without even leaving the comfort of their home, prison cell or desk!

    And email this to all your friends so they do the same!

  28. Nikki says:

    I saw the camera driving round my street today – evil looking thing! What an invasion of privacy – I had the patio door open in my childs bedroom and want my house removed from it. The car was driving too fast for me to close the door and curtains. How dare anyone look into my child’s room. It’s ok saying anyone can walk past and see your house but they can’t zoom in that close. It’s every criminals dream – what is the purpose of street view for normal people?

  29. danielle says:

    could you take my house and car of stree view asap

  30. Ryan says:

    @everyone – if you don’t want your house seen by the public, build a very tall wall around it.

    @mr tm – once your trash can goes to the curb, it is public domain.

    @Sean – it’s way easier to stalk someone by hanging out at a grocery store and following them home. You can get a much better view and a real life analysis of their routines. You are simply wasting your time stalking people with street view.

    @James – me too. After like 10 minutes, though, I find I am board because not a whole lot of people happened to be sitting in their front yard when the car drove by. And even those who were outside are just kind of standing there.

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