4 Tips to Rock Your Next Guest Post

How to make your guest posts rock? Guest posts seem to be the new kid on the marketing department. Now a days, where ever you see, there will be some tips on using guest posting for link building and traffic.

But what most people don’t realize is that  there is more to guest posting than some do follow links and traffic to the site.

Especially when you read blogging blogs, you can notice bloggers boasting about the traffic they got from a single post. Sometimes they talk about the amount of new subscriptions they got as a reward for the guest posts. While links and traffic are indeed necessary for a blog or website, you can achieve more long-term if you concentrate on doing the guest posting the right way. So how do you guest post the right way?

Guest Post Strategy1) Build real world relationships first, cyber links second

Guest posing can be seen as a gift you give to another blogger. Somethings happen when you gift someone. You build a better relationship. That should be your mindset when you decide to guest post for a particular blog.

2) Guest post for your target audience

Another trend I have seen in some sites guest post strategy is posting on unrelated blogs. Maybe they are told by seo “experts” to build links from where ever you can. Remember that guest posting can provide you with quality links only when you post on related blogs. There is no use in guest posting in a copy writing blog when you talk about technology gadgets on your blog. That is why you need to concentrate on finding your target audience.

3) Don’t go on a promotion spree

We all guest post to promote our products. For some, it may be an e-book for others it may be a blog. Whatever your product may be, don’t go over promoting. You should definitely get your word about your product out there, but  there should be an underlying value nevertheless.

4) Give a great welcome for readers at your blog

Once your guest post is accepted you can accept a surge of new traffic. You should make these new readers feel welcomed. You shouldn’t fill your sidebars with ads. The main focus should be on the content. You should make it easy for the readers to subscribe to your blog. Remember that the first impression counts.

By following a good guest posting strategy you can kick-start your new blog. What other strategies do you use with your guest posts. Please share them in the comments.

Guest author Rison Simon is a blogger and an engineering student. His new blog at RisonSimon.com talks about his life lessons, blogging and a little bit of technology. Don’t forget to subscribe or shoot a message to him.

Note: This is a guest article and represents opinions of the guest author

4 comments on “4 Tips to Rock Your Next Guest Post

  1. promosyon says:

    Your site is very good. There are useful information and most importantly, for sharing great. Thank you.

  2. Rison Simon says:

    Hi, thanks for the the complement.

  3. Usman says:

    I agree appearing as guest author on websites with similar niche is important in getting more traffic and exposure for a website

    • Rison Simon says:

      Hi, glad to see that you get it. Guest posting in your niche is important if you wish to be a success.

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