Rollyo Searchrolls : Personal Search Engines

Ever wish you could narrow your search to sites you already know and trust? With Rollyo, you can easily create your own custom search engines or Searchrolls, and explore and save those created by others.

Rollyo uses the power of Yahoo! Search to create your own personal search engines. All you have to do is pick the sites you want to search, and they will create a custom search engine for you. Discover other people’s searchrolls, try them out, and add the ones you like to your list of saved searchrolls. If you regularly visit a site, you can create a searchroll that includes just that single site so all your searches are in one place. You can be a High Roller too if your searchroll becomes popular with the Rollyo community.

There are several Rollyo tools also. The one I like is the Firefox Plugin – with a simple click, add any or all of your Searchrolls to your Firefox search toolbar. It works very well too – see the results of a simple Adsense search of this blog.

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