Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Unboxing [Videos]

Get a first look at Special limited edition Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Unboxing videos. Did you know all 5000 attendees at Google I/O get a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1-inch tablet to take home, while we wait till June 8th to catch a glimpse! Apple iPad has a competitor…

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Unboxing

Here are some Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 unboxing videos which the lucky delegates rushed to upload on Youtube.

Will you be buying the iPad 2 or waiting for the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1?

2 comments on “Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Unboxing [Videos]

  1. Sanya says:

    Wow … where we live …. that technique is so fast, that I can’t follow anymore. :)

  2. regalos - lele says:

    hello, I love the new samsung galaxy, is elegant light and easy to handle very good

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