Scriptless Day on July 7: Remove All JavaScripts

After Naked CSS day when hundreds of sites removed their CSS, the Scriptless Day encourages you to remove all scripts on your site. Can you remove all client-side javascript from your site? Read about their concept –

“Do you use Client-Side JavaScript?” If you do then you know how valuable it is to you in terms of added functionality. You may be using it to animate something to show that a Task has been completed, or you may be using it to display an RSS feed. Try a day without it… without the added functionality… and then come to realize how much you value it. That’s all, we just want you to have a single day to reflect.

Javascript has become an integral part of websites, just like CSS. JavaScript commonly powers site traffic tracking scripts and advertisement codes. Removing scripts on our site would mean removing Google Coop Search, Google Adsense ads, Feedburner site ads, Blogads, Mybloglog traffic stats, Mybloglog community code, Polls, Sitemeter, Kontera, Google Analytics…

The concept has surely highlighted the importance of javascripts, as I never realized I had so many scripts running scripts. Stopping all these scripts will mean a broken search tool, no polls, a total loss of all site traffic stats for one day along with complete loss of one day blog income from Google Adsense, Kontera, Feedburner and Blogads. Though Adsense, Kontera and Feedburner codes can be easily removed, paying Blogads advertisers would be unhappy (and it violates advertising terms of service) if I removed the javascript ad code for a day.

Removing CSS on Naked CSS day would have showed a poor web design, but removing javascript would break the functionality of our site with loss of blogging income. Would you be removing javascript from your site on Scriptless Day?

2 comments on “Scriptless Day on July 7: Remove All JavaScripts

  1. Pallab De says:

    I didnt participate in the CSS Naked Day, and wont participate in the Scriptless day either.
    But, removing scripts would be less damaging for my blog. Without CSS it would have looked like a long crappily formatted letter created in Notepad.
    Without js many elements in the sidebar wont work, the flashbox script wont work, the stats tracking script wont work, ajax comment editing wont work. But, the blog would still be somewhat usable.

  2. Lola says:

    I still don’t get the point of this. Too much time in your hands, eh?

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