Site Down! For Everyone or Just Me?

So your site is not connecting, and you believe your site is down. But someone across the world is easily able to access your site. So how do you test to know if your site is down right now just for you.

Rather than IM a friend sitting across continents or test for site connectivity problems with your web hosting, Alex Payne made it easier by creating Down for everyone or just me? – enter the domain name of your site or any other site not connecting for you, and it will tell you if its just you! Ok so I tested it too…

QOT is online

So actually if I bookmark this url for my site, I can simply visit the link to see my site uptime rather than visiting the site and filling the form everytime.

6 comments on “Site Down! For Everyone or Just Me?

  1. SATISH says:

    This is called innovative idea, in giving service.

    Keep it up Alex Payne.And a Good find by QOT.

  2. DjFlush says:

    Ok this is just too amazingly funny!

    I actually though that QOT is down for you and up for others so you are trying to seek out the problem rofl!

  3. How -To Squidoo - Best Lens for Website Promotion says:

    This is serious, but hilarious at the same it’s just you!
    Thanks QOT!

  4. John says:

    There’s also But you have to wonder how reliable these type of sites are. Like I said in another blog, even if the site is “up”, it may not be viewable (i.e. MySQL, php errors). Some users may think those errors are due to their own computer and may thing it’s just them when they use these sites.

  5. Calipers says:

    I can’t open the website.

  6. rabsom says:

    really you need to Check thise new

    btw it’s beta

    wait for your feedback :)


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