Slashdot CSS Redesign Contest

Slashdot Redesign Contest is all about a new look and feel for Slashdot. The goal here is of course to get the best looking, bandwidth efficient, compatible, attractive Slashdot.

If you are a professional web designer, some key guidelines for the new webdesign –
1. Uses existing CSS framework
2. Has browsers compatibility
3. Retains all major bits of information
4. Doesn’t require to add major new bits of data
5. Deals with 150+ topic icons.
6. Entries do not not hog bandwidth.
7. Retains some sense of visual continuity with Today’s Slashdot
8. Entries should show as at least the index, but ideally a few other pages to see how their design might look showing other data formats.
9. Design something pretty. Design something high-tech. Design something minimal. Design something elaborate.

I’m going to give this 2 weeks, and then I’m going to share with you some of my favorites at that point in a story. I’ll try to tell you all what I like about these designs. I’ll ask at that time for your feedback. Then I’ll give everyone one more week. The contest will continue to be open to anyone who wants. Everyone is welcome to refine their designs, or submit new ones right until the end.

Read the rules. The winner will get a fancy laptop (undecided till now but maybe a MacBook Pro or Alienware laptop but valued up to US $4500) and a $250 runner up prize.

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