Special Dreamhost Promo Codes for $200 Discount

The “Happy DreamHost Forever Team” emailed me with 5 special invitation codes which I could give out to a select few people who would get a special deal from Dreamhost hosting besides the usual power packed hosting package.

Special Dreamhost Invitation Promo codes

Here is what these codes will give you in addition to the regular package.

* Get four times the normal disk and bandwidth!
Normally Dreamhost gives you Disk Storage of 500 GB (which automatically increases weekly by 2 GB) and monthly bandwidth of 5.0 TB, yes terabytes! (which automatically increases weekly by 40 GB). You can calculate 4 times of that. Huge.

* Pay for 5 years – get $150 off, Pay for 10 years – get $200 off
I just checked their latest hosting charges – $9.95/mo for 1 year, $8.95/mo for 2 years, $7.95/mo for 3 years, $6.95/mo for 5 years and $5.95/mo for 10 years. So a 5 year package would cost 6.95x12x5 = $417 (and you get $150 off = $267) and a 10 year package will cost 5.95x12x10 = $714 (and you get $200 off = $514).

Now on a yearly web hosting package, I spend $9.95/mo every year, which comes to $119.40. So $267 for 5 years ot $514 for 10 years looks like a great discount deal by any standards. These are good deals for a starting a new long term hosting relationship with Dreamhost.

Use these DH Promo codes

If you are seriously willing to pay in advance for 5 or 10 years ($267 or $514) for Dreamhost hosting, then these codes are for you. Remember these codes can only be used once. Use the 12-digit code in the “Promo Code” field when you sign up. They will only work for new customers and not for renewals. Thereafter the regular rates apply. Here are the codes- [Removed]

Coupon codes not working?

You selected the wrong package, you have a typo (count 12 digits), you are not a new Dreamhost customer or the codes have already been used by the readers. In that case, new customers can use our promo code QUICKONLINETIPS to get $50 off on any hosting package, which is the maximum discount possible otherwise and always works.

5 comments on “Special Dreamhost Promo Codes for $200 Discount

  1. Pallab says:

    But seriously, who is going to pay for 10 years!!
    Who knows what would happen in 10 years as far as the internet is concerned.

  2. QuickOnlineTips says:

    I agree Pallab that the period seems too long, but the discount you get by this deal is really cheap and makes sense if someone wants to stick with Dreamhost.

  3. prash says:

    Hi, have you also been experiencing the downtime on Dreamhost this past one week? you need not post this on your blog, however, i just need a reply, or was it just my site which was offline. pl do let me know

  4. QuickOnlineTips says:

    @prash – Dreamhost is working fine for me…

  5. Yang says:

    @prash, dreamhost is a vast hosting company with nearly a million domains, think about the number of users, with their shared plans which is quite affordable. At any given time, it’s just inevitable for some of sites to be down.

    This happens to each and every cheap hosting companies out there. They are not great, but not bad either justified by the cheap price. If you want rock solid performance and 100% online time, go for rackspace. ;)

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