Sphere : New Blog Search Engine

A new blog search engine has launched – Sphere.com. There are so many blog search engines being launched recently that they all seem familiar.

So what makes Sphere different from Google Blog Searcg, Technorati or Feedster

Here’s what you get when you use Sphere:
1 An easy-to-use, intuitive search engine.
2 Great search results, with posts ordered by relevance or time.
3 Customizable time frames (play with our custom range filter, the grokiest feature in our site).
4 Related mainstream media, books, photos and podcasts right next to the results for a complete picture of the conversation.
5 Profiles and stats for each blog listed.

TechCrunch has done a review of the Sphere and found the results relevant.

Sphere is taking an algorithmic approach. For Sphere, relevance is based on three key factors: links in/out of blog; meta data around the blog (average length of posts, post frequency, etc; and a semantic analysis of the posts themselves). In our tests Sphere blog relevance is very good.

There is a list of featured blogs for each search term / tags. You can submit your blog too via a link at the bottom. There are links to “suggest a blogger” too on different pages. Lets see how it develops out finally.

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