Strong Rupee, Weak Dollar: Lower Adsense Income

The changing forex currency market shows that the Indian rupee is getting stronger compared to the US dollar. Recently the rupee touched a nine year high against the US dollar. A stronger rupee means lower dollar income for Indian bloggers since most affiliate and advertising programs pay in US dollars (then convert them to rupees).

A quick look at the U.S. Dollar to Indian Rupee Exchange Rate over the last 5 years shows that the rupee is getting stronger with improving Indian economy. A few years back the weak rupee at Rs. 47-48 per dollar closed at Rs. 40.575 per dollar this Friday.

Rupee Dollar Conversion Rate

I received my latest Google Adsense check based on the dollar rupee exchange rate of Rs. 40.50 per US dollar. For the same month in last year the Adsense check was issued at an exchange rate over Rs 45.50 per dollar. It basically means that if you earned $1000, which converted to Rs. 45,500 then now earns you Rs 40,500. Thus, a loss of Rs. 5000 per $1000 dollars earned simply because the Indian currency, the rupee is getting stronger. Similar is the case for Paypal, and other affiliate programs.

Of course you can let Google hold your payment, but for how long!

43 comments on “Strong Rupee, Weak Dollar: Lower Adsense Income

  1. Sumesh says:

    This is a worrying sign indeed!

    Same thought here…..

    What will us poor Indians do? Most people like Rupee to be higher, but hey, we are the only guys other than exporters to be against that :P

  2. Sumesh says:

    Can’t we receive AdSense earnings in $$ ?

    That seems the best option – hoard it, and convert when rates are higher ;)

  3. Vincent Chow says:

    Same goes here for Malaysia. It was still around RM3.70 per dollar last year. And now, it’s only RM3.40 per dollar. Losing much money in a long run.

  4. Arpit Jacob says:

    For people living off their blog this might not be a good thing. But I disagree I am glad my country is doing better and that the rupee is getting stronger.

  5. Abdul says:

    Would it make sense to set your earnings in Euro??

  6. QuickOnlineTips says:

    @Sumesh – Getting cheques in rupees is easier as they are payable at par on all Indian banks easily. For Dollar cheques you need to fill in special forms to get them deposited in your bank.

    @Abdul – I think a stronger rupee should rise against all foreign currencies be it Euro or Dollar, so I think it might not matter.

  7. vijay says:

    hmmm.. rupee is getting stronger.
    Then we should be proud!

    No when it comes to money it hurts somewhat ;-)

  8. rxbbx says:

    That would be better indeed. I think people from Europe are also getting crazy from those ratings. You could hold the check for one month now, but who says ratings arent worser then. Payment in $ would be a solution.

    I dont know of the rupees. But I will tell you it isnt a party when you receive euro’s for $ nowadays.

  9. Thilak says:

    Same with my case. PayPal pays at a even lower rate. I withdraw three cheques with a gap of 1 week each.

    1st cheque was converted at 41.34 rupees (PayPal)
    2nd: 40.76 rupees (PayPal)
    3rd: 39.85 rupees (PayPal)

    AdSense atleast is giving 40.500

  10. vamsi says:


    Feel proud that our Rupee is growing stronger. Why are you worrying about the dollar rate? After all we are still earning something right? thinking about the country and its economy is the last thing we will do?

    Come on guys.

  11. Devendra says:

    I agree with you. Actually I am loosing money in the conversion because I was holding dollars in my US account but thinking a little broader I am liking the idea of Rupee getting even stronger than today…there are lots of other benefits in the long run of this positive change for India…

  12. Antony PC says:

    This is really a worrying factor the guys working abroad.

  13. RaghaV says:

    Mixed feeling and fully confused!

    Happy to know that the Rupee value is getting stronger with improving Indian economy, but when it comes to AdSense payment it feels I am losing something.

  14. Shiva says:

    Hi all i wont think it will affect ,keep ur mony in ur account in resp $.sure indian mony going to week.i tell u why….few year back in vachpais rule it came same like now…once he step down new govt raised the inr rate from 40 to 48/$.

    hope ……….:-)

  15. QuickOnlineTips says:

    @Thilak – Paypal is indeed paying a lesser dollar conversion rate than Adsense. I wonder why.

    You can keep delaying payout from Paypal or Adsense, but for how long. The dollar is still sinking .

  16. Mohit Ranka says:

    Rupee appreciation has personally hurt me, as my company has postponed my joining due to this till Feb – Mar ’08.

    I am praying for Rupee to depreciate ASAP :D (I know, I am being a bit selfish at my part….)

  17. Pratheesh Kumar N says:

    Money value depreciation is actually a headache to all those who are working abroad. Otherwise the foreign countries must increase the salary. Then only we will get benefit in working foreign coutries. Those who are working in foreign countries, few are planning to shift to india within this year. And we have lot of opportunity in India. This is a happy news that we can work in our native country.

  18. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Lets welcome the stonger Indian economy. :-)

  19. dac says:

    I read some of the comments here stating that the rupee will down and go back to 45 per dollar. I don’t think so rather I would say that in next 15 years the equation would be 1 dollar = 20 rs. I really would like to see my country progressing. Good Luck to indian economy.

  20. srinivas m s says:

    Indian rupee growing stronger is boosting our Indian economy to the peak & we must be proud of India which has many wealthy companies like reliance,Infosys,tech Mahindra etc wherein reliance ranks 97TH rank in the world.We guys collectively help our nation in growth of our economy.

  21. DIBYA PRAKASH says:

    How I convert US Dollar cheque into Indian Rupees In India

  22. QuickOnlineTips says:

    Paypal and Google Adsense send you dollar earnings as rupee cheques which you can easily deposit in any bank account.

  23. Blogulate says:

    The Indian economy is getting stronger.. isn’t that a good sign ?
    This increases the scope for reverse brain drain. As for people worrying about their online monthly income, affiliate programmes and clones, targeted at India would soon start (eventually).

  24. sagar says:

    Good luck India

    It is good sign for Indian economy. Amerian economy is 20 times bigger than Indian economy. Dollar to rupee ration ia 1:40 so as the rupee become stronger our economy is also become bigger.

  25. Satish S says:

    The dollar fall and the rupee rise has to be attributed to the fact that the FII’s are pumping more forex into the country by means of the stock market.
    Its like the dollar is abundant in the country and therefore its losing its value.

  26. Dr. Kronos says:

    Hello all
    Why you so the problem of strengthening of rupee interests? Here personally for me the problem of rouble receptions from AdSense is actual.

  27. santosh says:

    It is because dollar has fallen because of mortgage crisis. Reserve bank must hold rupee price but it has tough time in holding rupee back as lot of industries borrow money from overseas banks not indian banks because they say the intrest rate in india is just too high. so there is no sign that rupee falls again

  28. sukanya says:

    I don’t know much about exchange rates to comment upon.

  29. shiv kumar says:

    rupee become stronger and stronger against dollar, its might be not a good sign for the indian economy because most of the products of the export companies are based on the USA dollar and could give less profit margin. its a good sign for import oriented companies but on the other side its bad for the export companies. so its not a good sign for india.

  30. rajini says:

    Jai hind. I feel proud of India right now. But at the same time, it is good if people make some careful moves in investments. Whatever it is, keep money backups as much as you can. So you can survive even while the economy shakes. Scared to imagine another job fall like 2000-2002.

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