Swickis Community Powered Search Results Aggregator

Have you see the community powered search tag clouds on popular websites. This is Swicki by Eurekster – launched a few months back, it is a new kind of search engine that allows anyone to create deep, focused searches on topics you care about.

Swickis are a new kind of search engine or search results aggregator. Swickis allow you to build specific searches tailored to your interests and that of your community and get constantly updated results from your web or blog page. Swickis scan all the data indexed in Yahoo Search, plus all additional sources you specify, and present the results in a dynamically updated, easy to use format that you can publish on your site – or use at swicki.com.

Swickis are collaborative tools like wikis in that they are created by one person, but then can be set to allow lots of others to get involved and automatically and anonymously learn from the search patterns of the community of users. Buzzclouds are a list of search tags that are popular or recently typed into the swicki.

Providing information about the topic you wish to focus on, select relevant keywords, websites, site search and add them into the simple training form, and create a Swicki of your own…

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