Bing Tips

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Download New Bing Wallpapers Automatically

Now download Bing Wallpapers free and set them to rotate as your computer desktop backgrounds automatically. Don’t you love the amazingly beautiful Bing wallpapers, and this nifty official Microsoft software will download… Read more »

Bing Magical Holiday Calendar

Bing has launched the first Bing Magical Holiday Calendar, offering eligible visitors a whole December month of free offers, sweepstakes and holidays inspiration. Bing is Microsoft’s popular search engine, and like… Read more »

Top Bing Search Terms 2010

As Bing search engine continues to increase in popularity, they released the top search terms for 2010 – Kim Kardashian tops the charts for the most popular searches on… Read more »

Bing Homepage Photo Contest

The Bing Photo Contest winner gets a chance to have their snapped photo featured on the official Bing homepage photo for 24 hours. After screening 9400 submissions, now the public… Read more »

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