Tips and tricks about Chromebooks and using it like a pro.

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How to Use Tata Photon on Chromebooks

How can you connect the Tata Photon mobile internet dongle on Chromebooks? After I bought my new Chromebook, I realized it is not possible to install any software, unlike Windows….

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My New HP 14 Chromebook Unboxing [Photos]

So I finally purchased a HP 14 Chromebook and would like to share Chromebook unboxing photos. I  decided to buy Chromebook in India after it became available and my visit…

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Visit to Google Chromebook Store [Photos]

I visited the Google Chromebook outlet in Delhi to check out the new Chromebooks selling in India. Enthused by the fact that we could buy Google Chromebooks in India and…

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Now Buy Google Chromebooks in India

Did you know you can buy Google Chromebooks in India!  Croma and Flipkart are selling Chromebooks online! I am not sure since when they became available for sale in India,…

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Buy New Google Chromebox, Next-Gen Chromebooks

Google in collaboration with Samsung has launched a new series of chromebooks and the new Chromebox, the desktop version of the ultrafast chromebooks. Google Chromebooks are the Google laptops which…

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Top 10 Reasons to Buy Google ChromeBooks

Why should you buy a Google ChromeBook? Many people were excited when Google announced the first ever Chromebook which is built using open source operating system. Chrome OS will be available…

Buy Google Chromebooks [Videos]

Now you can buy Google Chromebooks as it hits markets From June 15. Unlike usual laptops and netbooks, Chromebooks are built, integrated and optimized for the web. And the new…