Tips and tricks about Digg and using it like a pro.

How to Download Digg Archives: Backup Diggs, Comments, Links

download digg export data

How can you download Digg archives, to backup your diggs, submissions, comments and saved articles? Digg in its new avatar after the takeover has converted into a single page site, and power Digg users would have thousands of diggs and submissions and comments which they might want to backup. Its another part of the incredible… Read more »

The Incredible Digg Story: 2005-2012

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Here is an incredible story about Digg, its appearance on the social media scene, its dramatic rise, its ever-changing algorithms, the appearance of new social media which challenged it and has now taken Digg to a new change. Our site has been around since late 2004, and we have had the unique opportunity to experience… Read more »

New Digg has ‘Broken an Axle’

If you visit Digg.com right now, the new Digg has broken an axle. The site is offline and a huge banner is posted across. Digg switched to v4 today and seems to be stuck with multiple bugs. The page reads – “Digg has broken an axle. We might have to sell some oxen but we’ll… Read more »

Auto-Submit All Your Blog Articles to Digg

The new Digg is live and you can now import feeds, letting you autosubmit all your blog articles to Digg in a few clicks. This is the best feature that the New Digg has to offer bloggers. While several years ago Digg would have frowned and banned bloggers submitting all their blog posts, social media… Read more »

Free New Digg Invites Giveaway

We have 5 free new Digg invites (also called New Digg alpha v4) to giveaway to our readers. We recently got active on the new Digg alpha v4 and Digg graciously gave us 5 invites. Digg keeps reinventing itself, and this is another attempt for Digg to show its new avatar, and possibly show a… Read more »

Digg Stops New Registrations!

Digg has stopped new registrations. If you click the Join Digg link on Digg.com – your are informed that new Digg registrations are closed and the New Digg 4.0 is coming… Instead you can leave your email address and they will notify you when you can login to the new Digg. It seems they are… Read more »

New Digg v4.0 Gets More Social for Good [Video]

The new upcoming Digg version 4.0 promises to get more social integration and change the way stories are promoted to the Digg homepage, becoming more like other social link sharing services, but now your story may actually hit your Digg front page. See the sneak preview video of the new Digg 4. Your new Digg… Read more »

Identify Mystery Face in Digg.com Source Code

Is Digg hacked? There is a mysterious¬†hidden face on Digg.com? If you view page source code in your browser, a commented code is visible on Digg.com homepage! Can you identify who this face resembles? Go to Digg.com > Right click > View Source Code … and behold! Why was I looking up the Digg source… Read more »

How to Disable, Block, Remove the DiggBar?

Digg bar continues to frames websites and blogs, but do you know how to remove the Diggbar? The popular DiggBar lets you Digg, read comments, find related content, and share stuff from any page on the Web quickly and easily. Disable Digg bar for Users 1. Digg Settings – If you are a Digg user,… Read more »

Now Twitter More Popular Than Digg!

There was no doubt that Twitter was getting popular, but getting more popular than Digg is big news. Twitter has emerged as a huge microblogging platform and now everyone needs a twitter account to stay connected. Hitwise reports that last week the market share of visits to Twitter surpassed Digg for the first time since… Read more »