Tips and tricks about Mozilla Firefox and using it like a pro.

Turn On Firefox Facebook Messenger Now

facebook messenger firefox

Turn on Firefox Facebook Messenger and socially interact with Facebook friends while browsing the web. Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular web browsers and it just made Facebook users more happy by helping them better engage with their Facebook community, by keeping them always connected in the sidebar. Facebook Messenger for Firefox Mozilla… Read more »

Download Mozilla Firefox 4

Now download Firefox 4, the much awaited browser update from Mozilla. Firefox 4 is based on the Gecko 2.0 Web platform and features JägerMonkey with JavaScript execution speeds up to six times faster than the previous version. Download Mozilla Firefox 4 Some cool features in Firefox 4 are – Support for the Do Not Track (“DNT”) header that allows users… Read more »

10 Must Have FireFox Addons for Web Designers

Here are some best FireFox Add-ons for Web Designers. When a web browser is a troublemaker, designers don’t hesitate to share that bit of information with their fellow peers so as to save them headaches and inconveniences. Browsers can be quite temperamental, so avoiding any problems can be a big boost in their productivity level. FireFox… Read more »

5 Addons to Make Firefox Behave Like Google Chrome

Firefox like Google Chrome

How can make Firefox behave like Google Chrome browser? When you compare Google Chrome with Firefox, Google Chrome naturally beats Firefox for its speed and minimalist appearance.  Apart from this there are more Chrome features I wish to have in Firefox.  We can get some of the features of Chrome in Firefox with the help… Read more »

Firefox Browser Turns 5!

Firefox is now 5 years old and preparations are on to celebrate the Firefox 5th Birthday. Its amazing how a new browser born in 2004, has broken all records and emerged as the most popular browser across the world. Firefox 5 Years Old! Join the Light the World contest and post a photo or video… Read more »

Join Mozilla Service Week

Mozilla Service Week is happening from September 14-21, 2009 and they are asking people to step up and make a difference by using the Web to better their community. Can you share, give, engage, create, and collaborate by offering your time and talent to local organizations and people who need their help? How Can You… Read more »

Top 7 Firefox Add-ons to Secure Web Browsing

Have you secured your web browsing? Mozilla’s Firefox has grown fast and furiously in popularity among many frequent internet users and bloggers.  Now one of the most favored web browsers and known for its workability, reliability, and easy customization, many users are switching over from older internet browsers like Internet Explorer to Firefox; but like… Read more »

Join Firefox Billion Downloads Campaign

Mozilla Firefox web browser is getting ready to celebrate their next huge milestone – 1 billion downloads. To showcase their global community, they are asking for your photos to display on the Billion Downloads campaign page. Firefox Billion Downloads! Simply take a picture of yourself proudly sporting any Firefox apparel (t-shirt etc) or poster. Then… Read more »

Download Firefox Addons Collections

There are hundreds of best firefox extensions and addons lists on the web. Now you can download Firefox addon collections categorized as per your needs and get the best extensions all in one go. Check out the Firefox Addons Collections and see what suits your style. View all popular collections and you find web Developer… Read more »

How to Move, Unlock Toolbars in Firefox

Firefox does not have a lock / unlock Toolbar option (like IE). So how can you move or unlock Firefox toolbars and organize your toolbars better to optimize screen space, and make it look elegant. I was using my friend’s laptop and see his messy Firefox toolbars. In the first line, the location bar where… Read more »