Tips and tricks about Twitter and using it like a pro.
tweet now buttons

10 Tricks to Super Effective Tweet Buttons

Do you display Tweet Buttons that everyone wants to click? Are your tweet buttons effectively engaging your audience to share your amazing content? Every website has tweet buttons to share…

All tweets

How to Find Your First Tweet on Twitter

Want to find your first tweet on Twitter? Use Topsy and you can find all your older tweets including your first tweet. Topsy has indexed all tweets of every Twitter…

obama tweet

The Most Retweeted Tweet Ever!

Which is the most popular tweet? President Barack Obama won the record for the most retweeted tweet ever after wining the presidential election for the second term today. He posted…

tweetmeme button

TweetMeme Buttons Converting to Twitter Buttons

All TweetMeme buttons on websites will convert to Twitter buttons in the next 24 hours! TweetMeme is closing down on October 1. TweetMeme was one of the most popular re-tweeting services before…

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How to Protect Privacy on Twitter

Want to protect your privacy on Twitter? Now Twitter has made available options which allow you to opt out of Twitter suggestions and tailored results, which enhance their ability to…