Tips and tricks about Wikipedia and using it like a pro.
simple english wikipedia

Simple English Wikipedia for Students

Have you ever read the Simple English Wikipedia? It is different from the English Wikipedia you would normally visit. Wikipedia contains in-depth authoritative articles on possibly every popular topic in…

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Monmouthpedia: World’s First Wikipedia Town

Monmouthpedia has created the World’s First Wikipedia Town in¬†Monmouth, Wales. As part of the project, the whole city got free town-wide wi-fi and then every single noteworthy place in the…

wikipedia search

How to Knockout Wikipedia in Search Results

How can you overtake Wikipedia in Search Results? I run into this problem quite often. I first encountered this problem around 6 months ago while working on a client’s website….

Vote for Wikipedia to Use Creative Commons License

Will Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit, adopt the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license? The Wikimedia community is voting to determine the course of licensing of this free content….

Google Knol Challenges Wikipedia

Google has started inviting a few people to try Google Knol – a new, free tool that people who know a particular subject can write an authoritative article about. Wikipedia…

wikipedia featured pictures

Wikipedia Featured Desktop Backgrounds / Wallpapers

Looking for a free collection of desktop wallpapers for your computer. Wikipedia Featured Desktop Backgrounds has a beautiful wallpaper collection. Wikipedia Wallpaper Criteria The images need to satisfy three criteria:…

gollum wikipedia browser

Gollum Wikipedia Browser

If you are a fan of Wikipedia, then you may like the Gollum Browser to browse the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Gollum is a Wikipedia Browser for fast…