Technorati Engage Ad Network for Blogs and Social Media

Bloggers can now attract advertisers via the Technorati Engage Ad Network, a self-service advertising network for blogs and social media sites. Though still in beta, it has opened its doors for business.

They allow publishers to sell basically 3 types of ads – Text Ads with a text headline and description, PhoText Ads consist of a headline and a description with a small thumbnail associated with them (sizes 100×100, 75×75, or 50×50 pixels) and Square Button Ads of standard 125×125 pixel image. In case of unsold space, targeted CPC (RON) ads will run. See terms and publisher FAQ for more information.

However, the revenue split is less attractive at 60/40 with the blogger earning only 60% of the deal. We use BuySellAds to advertise on QOT which has a better 75/25 share. I wonder why a new network would keep such a high commission ratio, unless they have a lot of advertisers with deep pockets signed up.

Technorati Engage is progressing well but only time will tell how successful it will be. After all how many ad networks can bloggers support on one blog, and having too many “Advertise here” or “Your Ad here” boxes makes any blog look unprofessional.

2 comments on “Technorati Engage Ad Network for Blogs and Social Media

  1. Steven Finch says:

    This percentage is just crazy. I wrote a post about technorati media launching over at I just think this is going to really fail and I think Technorati isnt really going anywhere fast.

  2. Chris says:

    Technorati has come up with very few size options. I tried for a 3 days and did not liked and finally removed from my blog. May be later I can come back to it.

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