Techzi Fundraiser by David Wilkinson : 12 Year Old Blogger

David Wilkinson is a 12 year old tech blogger who runs Techzi on Blogspot. Blogging at such a young age has already got him featured on BBC and now influenced by WordPress like I was, David is looking to buy a server and get his own domain name (bought, and wants to run WordPress.

Since David 12, and his co-bloggers Caitlin 12, and Timmy 11 cannot raise enough money, he is asking for donations and has set up the Techzi Fundraiser to do this. He says that a special page on the new site will list and link the donators (inspite of how much you donate) as long as the site is run. With Blogger allowing custom domain names, he can easily switch to from blogspot and keep all the Google juice. But if he needs to get WordPress, he has to import from Blogger which is easy too. (worked out fine for us at 6 months review).

Repliqa has interviewed David Wilkinson and reveals that he blogs for as a Web 2.0 correspondent, writes for several other blogs, guest blogs for b5media and and has an internship at Mark Seremet at Repliqa is helping David raise $5K to buy a server, update his blog, and replace Blogger with WordPress will match his donation for every dollar you donate. Even Problogger Rowse has praise for the little guy.

If you do not wish to buy your own dedicated server (you can always upgrade later), then its not too expensive to start a blog with WordPress. Get Dreamhost webhosting for $7.95 a month (or chose pay as you use hosting or lifetime webhosting for more cheaper deals), domain name at Godaddy for $8.95 and even lower with promo codes. And of course WordPress is free!

As I write this he has already collected over $1400 with 17 contributors. There is the cool Techzi fundraiser widget which you can embed in your blog. You too can support a young problogger in the making…

3 comments on “Techzi Fundraiser by David Wilkinson : 12 Year Old Blogger

  1. siong1987 says:

    He already got his own domain – But, the website is still down currently.

  2. David Wilkinson says:

    Wow… I’m on Quick Online Tips too? The world is going phsyco… I’m not complaining by any means though!

    Thanks guys! About the $5,000 mark… We don’t actually need that much (obviously!), but in my blog, I mention why we set it as that.

  3. Ashwini says:

    Well thats nice…
    I’m just 3 years older than him….[15]
    I’m still using my free blogger blog , coz not enough budget to buy custom domain X-)

    Well I had put a link in my sidebar about donations but didn’t receive any (none of my daily 100 visitors did that)
    I think I should give up now and remain confined to blogger..

    Anyways David is going to have a bright future… already featured on Problogger,BBC, and now QOT

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