Test Website on Apple Safari with SafariTest

So your website looks great on Windows running Firefox or Internet Explorer. But have you ever wondered how it would look like to someone using Apple Safari Web Browser?

Safari is a web browser developed by Apple Computer, Inc. and available as part of its Mac OS X operating system. Safari puts everything you need to browse, search, view RSS feeds and manage your bookmarks in a clean, easy-to-use navigation bar. Try out the BrowsrCamp (formerly SafariTest) to see how your website looks on Apple Safari.

And a lot of people use the Mac OS X… if I see my site traffic statistics for last 500,000 visitors
MSIE 6 – 41.67%
Firefox 1 – 29.91%
Firefox 1.5 – 16.46%
Safari – 4.13%
Opera 8 – 1.91%
4% of Safari users means a lot when you get huge site traffic and if users do not see your site as intended, they leave.

They say the main limit of tools like these is “the impossibility to live test features like Javascript, Rollovers, DHTML, AJAX and all the technologies which imply massive user interaction and client-side operations.” I tested my blog and it turned out very fine too. See if your template coding works fine in Safari too.

2 comments on “Test Website on Apple Safari with SafariTest

  1. Sally says:

    The correct URL is now http://www.browsrcamp.com/ :)

  2. QuickOnlineTips says:

    @Sally – Thanks for the link. I have updated it.

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