Google Adsense Testing New Ad Fonts

Google Adsense seems to be testing various font family types on our site. Instead of the usual arial font type which appears by default, I checked different pages and found ad units displaying various font types. I managed to catch a few snapshots.

Rotating Google Adsense Fonts

This is how the Adsense fonts usually look like.

Adsense Font

And here are the different variations spotted on the same ad unit within 5 minutes. Can you identify the fonts?

Adsense Font

Adsense Font

Adsense Font

Adsense Font

Though matching site fonts to adsense fonts is a standard strategy to increase adsense CTR, there is no end to strange Adsense ads that we spotted over the years. You can check out more ads with 2×2 ads, favicons, no titles, titles in italics and no Ads by Google and interactive keywords.

11 comments on “Google Adsense Testing New Ad Fonts

  1. GoingLikeSixty says:

    Comic Sans!!!

  2. Malayalam Blogging says:

    Yes, I noticed this… quite interesting .. cant guess what their plan is !!

  3. Czar says:

    Ah, okay. So that’s why I see blogs having Adsense ads in fonts other than Arial. So far, I’ve seen ads in Comic Sans, Georgia and Times New Roman fonts. I hope Adsense won’t use the Monotype Corsiva font. It’s too dramatic…

  4. Martin says:

    Comic Sans! LOL!!

  5. Harris says:

    I wish they would just let you pick the font. That is what I would like to do.

  6. Day Trading Computers says:

    I saw some of these fonts. They really caught my eye, which is good because I use google Adwords!

  7. Matematik says:

    i saw… this is great… congrulation adsense

  8. thenetguruz says:

    Agree with Harris, they should also allow us to resize banner from our own given value of width and height.

  9. QuickOnlineTips says:

    I believe Premium Adsense publishers can pick their own font and ad sizes too.

  10. AskYourPC says:

    If I were Google Adsense I would make the text on an ad the same as the web page it is on with a range of choices of course.

  11. liteview says:

    New google format is hard to blend with site content. It always change, especially the font size

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