Get Free Minutes on T-Mobile Customer Delight Day

T-Mobile is holding a Customer Delight Day today on November 15, which means T-mobile subscribers can win free minutes of talktime easily by simply visiting the stores!

Boy Genius Report says the deal involves

* Get 100 FREE bonus minutes just for stopping by $40 value
* Get 200 FREE bonus minutes if you bring a friend $80 value
* Refer a customer to T-Mobile and get a $25 credit on your next bill
* Signup for T-Mobile @Home and get first month free $10 value!

Of course it is a Limited time offer valid at participating locations only. Also note the offer is valid for qualified T-Mobile postpaid and FlexPay customers who are in good standing, and that to limited to one offer per qualifying line.

Searching for free talktime on your mobile phone? You know what to do.

9 comments on “Get Free Minutes on T-Mobile Customer Delight Day

  1. tips paradise says:

    Oh, how I wish we could have the same here in my country so consumers have something to tell to mobile competition from friends, sort of something to argue with. But nah, you guys are surely lucky there.

  2. customer delight says:

    I am pleased to learn about this opportunity to earn free minutes. I am also surprised that the article was posted on the same day as the event. This would prevent several customers from taking advantage of this wonderful promotion.

  3. Kaliyah Mars says:

    im a prepaid baby =/

  4. kassandra says:

    i really need prepaid minutes

  5. mahesh says:

    Hai i need tips on mobile

  6. nyaisa moore says:

    i need minutes fast

  7. valerie says:

    need minutes

  8. micheal nance says:

    need min .

  9. Tia jessen says:


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