Publisher Platform : Promote Your Blog and Earn creates thousands of topically driven, specific news web pages and populates each of those pages with news about that particular topic. provides an easy way to find the targeted news that is relevant to you. Publisher Platform is a program is available to publishers who want to have their content and brand featured on, but also to use it as a source of revenue.

You provide the feed of your content, they format it in their template and host it on and makes it available to various RSS distribution partners. It works on a revenue share basis, such that any advertising revenue they generate from users viewing the full text of your articles on gets shared. Publisher Platform requires you to submit full-text feeds of your content in RSS 2.0 format.

This concept is catching on. And small bloggers who write great content are the ones who benefit by getting exposure to top publishers and lots of site traffic. You might also like looking into the Blogburst and Newsgator syndication programs.

2 comments on “ Publisher Platform : Promote Your Blog and Earn

  1. Razib Ahmed says:

    The idea of revenue sharing will become attractive to many bloggers- especially those bloggers who are worried for getting hits. It will give them a a better source of earning revenue than PPC, text links and affiliate sales. In order to succeed in those programs, your website must have good traffic (more than 1000 hits per day minimum).

  2. Jayakanthan says:

    Its very good tip to the new bloggers and particularly to me, I am searching to promote my blog and found this tip is excellent and hope to see more tips from you

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