TrueSwitch Moves Emails, Contacts, Calendar to Yahoo! Mail

If you manage multiple email accounts in Hotmail, Gmail, Lycos, AOL, Freeserve etc., you can easily consolidate them by switching to a single Yahoo! free email account. Transfer of your emails, contacts, calendar to Yahoo! Mail is made easy by a collaboration with Trueswitch.

Yahoo! Mail blog points out to a partnership with, a service which can easily transfer emails, calendar info, and contacts from multiple free email services to Yahoo! mail.

Try the service. Enter your old email address and password, then enter your Yahoo! mail address and password, select the information you want to transfer (email, address book or calendar), accept offer to notify all contacts of the new email address, agree to the Terms of Service and you are done. And its free. Works for email accounts at, It also works for Yahoo email in Germany with and France with

Yahoo! has understood that even if people like their feature rich email service, they may be reluctant to switch from other email service providers like Hotmail, AOL, Gmail, Comcast, Earthlink, MSN etc. due to difficuly in moving their emails and contacts. This TrueSwitch service makes this initiative easier.

8 comments on “TrueSwitch Moves Emails, Contacts, Calendar to Yahoo! Mail

  1. Roscoe Thompson says:


    How can I move all my Outlook Express Email folders to my new ymail Mail Plus account?

    Thank you.

    Roscoe Thompson

    • Frank Visconi says:

      Transferring my “contacts” from my old yahoo e-mail to my new yahool e-mail was fairly simple. Now I am trying to move all of my personal “folders” (96 of them) that contain IMPORTANT e-mails I’ve received and sent over a long period of time over to my new address. I am, so far, unable to get any help doing that. I NEED The information in these folders and I must save it before I can close my old account. I don’t care if I have to move it to a word docuemnt or whatever, as long as I can still open them. Is there anyone out there that can help. FAST!

  2. jeff woods says:

    i used to have this email address and they switched to roadrunner so i switched to yahoo now how do i get my imformation from my old email to my new email

  3. ANGELA MANICA says:


  4. Gloriastine Newton says:

    How will I switch my emails and cotacts from surfmk to yahoo? I tried using Trueswitch, but my /domain did not come up as a selcion.

  5. ashish says:

    how can i import my contacts from on yahoo id to other yahoo id?

  6. Amy says:

    This only does your contacts now, not ALL of your e-mails! Is there a way to switch my e-mails?! PLEASE HELP!

  7. Andy says:

    Use this program at your own risk. It transferred half my emails, then stopped. They advised there was an error, and then cut us off completely. We were left with half our emails in one place and half in the other and a “Customer Support” that just sent back robot questions.

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