5 Twitter-Like Microblogging Sites for Blog Traffic Building

Twitter has popularized the concept of microblogging. It has changed the way people use the internet and has increased the time they use the computer. It provides many online activities from internet marketing, online diary updating, affiliate marketing, blog traffic generation and a lot more. It has made people busier but provided many opportunities not only to big online entrepreneurs but most especially to small online businesses and individual bloggers.

What is microblogging? It is the process of posting short information with at most 140 characters per post. Updates about various topics can be posted. This has paved the way for online marketing and generation of free traffic to blogs. Twitter is currently the most popular microblogging site online. However aside from it, there are also other microblogging sites that have their own poll of members and great services.

This article will tackle 5 of these microblogging sites online. These sites are Plurk, Sweetter, Microblogger, Yammer and Tumbler. Discussed in detail below are the site’s functions and special features.

5 Twitter-Like Microblogging Alternatives


The updates or tweets (as it is called in Twitter) are called plurks. Members can send plurks to other members in the form of links to their blog posts or other sites and short messages. Plurk gives you a chance to create your online journal and share it with your friends and family. Using Plurk will help you network with other people who have the same interests as you are. This site is a combination of social networking and microblogging and the services it provides are simple yet very useful and not only for ordinary internet users but most especially for those who wish to connect and market with other people online.


Quite a unique name for a microblogging site. This open source microblogging site provides a lot of fun stuff. Sweetter like Twitter allows you to write what you are doing and updates your friends about your activities. You can write everything you want to write about. Following other members is also possible and they can see what you post on your page and vice versa. Replying to another member’s post is also possible (@user). Sweetter uses a TODO system where you can send someone a list of things to do. This site also applies the voting system where members can vote your posts which causes for your karma to go up or down. The karma ranges from -50 to 50 points. Members can vote up the posts that they like while vote down those that they don’t want to appear higher in the index page. Updating your profile is also possible where you can either change your avatar, your personal URL or your location.


This microblogging and social networking service allows instant collaboration with friends from the network using their SMS feature. It allows instant communication with members and newly found friends. Once you send a message to your friends, they can receive it on their index page and also on their mobile phone if this service is activated by them. Tracking of messages as well as those of your friends is also possible. For example, if you want to meet up with your friends in the network, you can just send a simple and short message and all those from your network will be notified either through their microblog account or their mobile phones.


Yammer is a great tool for companies and organizations to update them of their member’s activities and answer a simple question, “what are you working on?”. Everytime an employee answers this question, a feed is created to all its members which enables co-workers to discuss different ideas, ask relevant questions, share news, links and other information. Every employee at Yammer has a profile and accessing past conversations for reference is possible. Yammer is a great service for companies and other organizations. The privacy of every member and the company is secured as those who can access are only those with a valid company email address. Yammer service is free, however, if a company would like to claim and manage their own network, they can just pay a minimal amount.


Tumblr tweets are called tumbledogs. These tumbledogs can be short blogs less than 140 characters which can be links, quotes, photos, videos, music and dialogues. Anybody can freely express himself using these tumbledogs at Tumblr. All members can also customize their own page or even have their own domain names. Tumblr provides great service and joining takes only a few seconds. You can join at anytime and explore the simple yet very functional service of this microblogging and social networking site.

Guest author Alan Liew has been a blog marketer for about three years. He writes and shares topics like Internet marketing, blogging, make money online, affiliate marketing in his blog.

Note: This is a guest article and represents opinions of the guest author

12 comments on “5 Twitter-Like Microblogging Sites for Blog Traffic Building

  1. deuts says:

    Tumblr tweets are called tumbledogs. These tumbledogs can be short blogs less than 140 characters

    What tumbledogs? What are you talking about? And what you mean by less than 140 characters?

  2. Jeff Bode says:

    Thanks for sharing some cool mircoblogging sites, I’ll have to check them out.

    I’ve used tumblr with some nice results and looked into some of the other ones, but twitter is the easiest to interact with a lot of people.

  3. English Dubbed Anime says:

    I’ve not really had much luck with traffic, from any of them to be honest. Guess I need to check out some good tutorials regarding the microbloggers.

    Thanks for the heads up!

  4. rosette says:

    I haven’t tried this before except for the twitter because i did not enough time to make update with many micro-blogging things. I guess plurk could be useful too because my friend also used it aside from twitter

  5. Trootter says:

    Micro blogging is a new phenomenon and in this busy life it is a ray of hope for people who like to publish a point to ponder for the benefit of human kind. A good piece of information can be given in a sentence and a full length article may not be required.

    Trootter will give this world a new era of blogging. People can make friends, chat, publish their thougts and imporve their links.

    Others may leave a link for their followers and gain targetted traffic to their site.

  6. Emlak says:

    I’ve used tumblr with some nice results and looked into some of the other ones, but twitter is the easiest to interact with a lot of people

  7. Breville juicer says:

    usually using plurk, most of my friend only use plurk. Some of them occasionally also use microblogr.

  8. pheromones says:

    Thanks for sharing some really cool mircoblogging websites, I’ll have to see them soon. I’ve used tumbler with great nice results and looked into some of the other ones as well, but twitter is the easiest to interact with a lot of people. Very nice… Seb-

  9. lose fat quickly says:

    A nice collection of micro blog websites. I like to use Twitter with these types of sites.

  10. Anibal Dendy says:

    I know this may be off topic, but what blog platform are you running your blog on? I only ask because I want to set up a blog as well and I really like your setup. Back on topic, I think your blog post is one of my favorites – I definitely have to do a trackback once i get my site set up so I can spread the word.

  11. RashmiP says:

    Thanks for sharing these microblogging sites. I use twitter and tumblr and quite like both.

  12. Dace says:

    I like to use


    Great sites fill out your profiles and add your sites and get indexed into search engines.

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