How to Type Indian Rupee Symbol using Keyboard Keys

How can you type Rs. Indian rupee symbol from your existing keyboard keys? The new Indian rupee symbol is a hit, but many find usage difficult because there is no rupee keyboard key.

Right now you can download rupee font and use the symbol in your office documents easily. Webmasters can easily use rupee symbol online and add the rupee symbol to articles easily (like in this article). But what about having a direct keyboard key.

Type Rs. Indian Rupee Symbol

The Unicode Technical Committee has approved a code position for the Indian Rupee Symbol Rs., which means it will be available in modern keyboards soon and can be easily used across mobile phones and various web services. But till that happens, the amazing people at Foradian have a nice tutorial guiding you how to map the rupee symbol to a key in your keyboard.

rupee keyboard

  • Download the Rupee Keyboard file (.zip) and extract the files
  • Double click Rupee Installer.exe file and follow the instructions – now 4 new fonts will install to your computer with support for new rupee symbol in Unicode recommended code position
  • Double click Keyboard Install.exe file – a new keyboard layout is installed in your computer. Right click on the task bar and select language bar from the toolbars menu > click on small keyboard icon and enable the Rupee Foradian Keyboard Layout
  • Now you can use the grave accent key on the keyboard to type the rupee symbol by selecting the Rupee Foradian Standard fonts

Install Rupee Keyboard

Here is a step by step video about how they install the rupee keyboard.

If you set Rupee Foradian Standard as the default font in your browser, you can easily use the Rs. rupee symbol in any applications like gmail, twitter or facebook.

7 comments on “How to Type Indian Rupee Symbol using Keyboard Keys

  1. Ajay | says:

    Thats a laptop user i will have to stick to this particular method only even if we get those keyboards..thnx for the share…

  2. Gaurang Joshi says:

    Well thanks for the handy tips. Now i can proudly use new Rs symobol )

  3. Pankaj lakhara says:

    Thanks for sharing..It was truly helpful for me,
    But this symbol is neither appreciating with tools of ms office
    nor it can be cut or paste

  4. Jaison Abraham says:

    I have loaded the files as explained but I am not getting rupee symbol instead square bullet is coming when the key is pressed. Please let me know how to correct it.

  5. Kumar says:

    In word, enter 20B9 and press ALT+x at the same.

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