ValleyBeta : Private Beta Testing Invites for Web 2.0 Services

If you an early adopter for cool Web 2.0 services and like alpha testing and beta testing, but could not manage to get an invitation even after filling up your email for prerelease testing multiple times, makes it easier…

How does ValleyBeta work?

You sign up, we give you links to private betas whenever we get ‘em. We’ll give you a personal RSS feed with all your new betas, or we’ll email ‘em to ya…

The more info you give us the more betas you’ll get into. Some companies only want testers from a specific industry, place, company, etc, and if we don’t know what groups you’re in it doesn’t work. If you don’t want to give us info it’s not a problem for us, you’ll just get the more broad/generic stuff.

It is a free service, but it seems if you’re a subscriber to their other paid service Valleyschwag (distributing Web 2.0 shirts and stickers), you have a better chance to take the first look at the “smaller / newer / better betas”.

Update: Unfortunately it seems Valleybeta has shut down. It was a great concept that allowed tech guys to get access to private beta at par with top tech journalists and popular tech testers. But then maybe the companies wanted to get the real professional testers.

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