Watch Olympic Games Live on YouTube Olympics Bus in India

Watch Olympic games live on YouTube, as the YouTube bus travels across India in a new endeavour to help Indians watch Olympics live and support the Indian teams in the London Olympics 2012.  Youtube is featuring live coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games on

Youtube Olympics Bus

The YouTube bus for Olympics will travel across 9 key cities including hometowns of the athletes from Punjab and Haryana. The bus will feature live high-speed feeds to watch live Olympic games and will allow Indians to cheer and support their favourite sports persons in the London Olympics 2012.

Watch the special anthem they created to support Indian sport stars in Olympic games.

You can visit the new Youtube Its Time You Cheer Channel and know more about Indian sports persons.

Know more about India Sports and its achievements

YouTube Olympic BusHere is the travel schedule of the you Tube Olympics bus, starting from Gurgaon and ending at Jalandar.

  • 26th July – 27th July – Gurgaon
  • 28th July – 29th July – Sonipat
  • 30th July – 31st July – Bhiwani
  • 1st Aug – 2nd Aug – Hissar
  • 4th Aug – 5th Aug – Kurukshetra
  • 6th Aug – 7th Aug – Dera Basi
  • 8th Aug – 9th Aug – Patiala
  • 11th Aug – 12th Aug – Faridkot
  • 13th Aug – 14th Aug – Jalandhar

Did you spot the Youtube Olympics bus? Post some pictures in comments.

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    Olympic Games has it’s own rolls,but it have to adapt to YouTube by the users!

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    Youtube Olympics Bus

    first video is awesome
    nice one

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    thanks for sharing the videos, there is been alot i had missed in Olympics :(

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