8 Tips to Find Better Web Hosting

If you want to start a blog and you have money, it is advisable to go with your own web hosting because you would be in total control of your blog. There are so many web hosting companies, so what differentiates them are the services they provide.

Before you choose a web host, it is advisable to review if the web hosting company meets your requirements. If it doesn’t, you remove the company from your list and look for one that meets your requirements.

What to look for in a web host?

The requirements that you should look for in a web host are

1. Cost of Hosting – Consider your budget before choosing a host. Some web hosts would give you discount if you pay for 1 year. Some might give you more discount if you can pay for 2 years or even more. I prefer going for hosting that cost less than $5 a month, but I will compromise if I cannot get a host that meets the other requirements of a web hosting company.

2. Addon Domains – If you have multiple websites, get a webhost that allows addon domains. I prefer hosts that allows unlimited addon domains i.e. I can add as many as 20 sites to my account without being charged.

3. Down time – Look for hosts that have low down time. It is annoying if you try to access your site, and you cannot. If you have a business, this means losses because there were no sales. (If you have a wordpress blog, you can cache you site. You can read more about how QOT got more than 20K pageviews traffic despite Internal Server Errors!).

4. Web Space – You need a lot of webspace if your site is growing especially if you have addon domains. Every post you post on your site uses some of your web space. So this means that the more you post, the more space is being used monthly. If you have a WordPress blog, you would like to install plugins to improve your blogging. These plugins also use some portion of your web space. All this is for just 1 blog. If you have about 4 blogs, you post daily on your site, and you have been blogging for more than 2 years, how much web space would you have left if your web space is small.

5. Customer Support – A good web host should have online customer support. This is because you would like to receive an answer immediately and not after 6 hours. The customer support should be able to handle all your technical needs. A tech support representative from my host helped me transfer my database. If I go to look for help in places like forums, I would have to pay money to get that done for me.

6. Cpanel – Having a Cpanel feature would save you a lot of trouble. If you want to install a blog platform such as WordPress, you can do it with a single click from the Cpanel. If you don’t have a Cpanel, installing wordpress can take you more than 30 minutes if you have no clue.

7. Money Back Guarantee – You might change your mind later and decide to cancel a hosting service. Most good web hosts have 30 days or more money back guarantee. So if you change you mind within 30 days, you are sure of receiving your full refund back.

8. Reviews – Look for reviews about the web hosting company. People would always write if a web host is good or not. Read the negative reviews and see if it is a recurring problem or if it is an isolated problem. You can get web host reviews on forums or you can do a search on any search engine.

What other features do you look for in a web host? I would like to read your comments.

Guest blogger Dalirin owns a blogsnd.com, where he likes writing about how to make money online . You can also write a guest article and share your tips with our readers.

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13 comments on “8 Tips to Find Better Web Hosting

  1. Consumer Rated Hosting says:

    Thanks for sharing all these info. I have just started with my own site a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to host it in one good hosting company. I have reservations signing for a free web host because I have heard so much bad reviews regarding non competent tech support and that is the least that I need for my new site.

  2. Tektel says:

    #1 Unless you are hosting on a server hosting company like theplanet.com always go to check on which server hosting company is your webhost relying upon. because the downtime depends a lot on them.

    #2 Know your needs. Shared hosting and Dedicated hosting are a lot different from each other. Sometime users are not able to host their blog in shared hosting because of low memory access (which is told to them after the payment).

    #3 Check spam ip’s – many fraud web hosting companies provide IP’s earlier used by spammers. (To detect this type of fraud is very easy – the cost of dedicated hosting annually will be lower than a pizza)

    #4 Tell your friend that you have found a very good web host and let him try first.

  3. Syahid A. says:

    No 3 and 5 IMHO, is the most important.

  4. John Hoff - WpBlogHost says:

    Hi Dalirin. These are great tips. Keep in mind though that cPanel is not the only hosting control panel (actually it’s Fantastico which has the easy WordPress installation) which offers easy installation of WordPress.

    Some hosts use different programs (or even create their own) which automates easy installs of blogs, wiki’s, etc. Take the Elefante Scripts, for example.

    Like you said – know your needs and find a web hosting company fit around your needs.

    About #8 – you have to be really careful here when it comes to Googling web hosts in hopes to find real review sites. I say real because many of them simply sign up for the different web host’s affiliate programs and then list them.

    I’m sure you’ve seen them – those sites with a list of banner ads for each hosting company. Many of those sites are there just to make them money; unfortunately, most newbies don’t understand this.

    • QuickOnlineTips says:

      Thats right John. You need to look for impartial reviews. Searching for negative reviews from affected customers, and poorly supported status blogs sometimes gives out more information.

  5. Tony Eldridge says:

    This is a great piece that works in perfectly with my blog readers. I linked to it in my Tips Around The Net Friday!

  6. Web Hosting says:

    Cpanel may not be the only control panel but it is much more popular than other control panel.

  7. fatman says:

    cost is number one for my consideration and supporting customer service is another point

  8. HDX312 says:

    i choose hostgator, hosting service very good

  9. Helen Admire says:

    100megs has launched its green hosting initiative! Providing eco-friendly website hosting and doing our part for a greener world.

  10. Cookie says:

    I don’t think you need cpanel per say, but any type of control panel is a must. I personally prefer HELM which is what I use with my current host Server Intellect. The best point I think you would need is support. Support is crucial especially for sites that mission critical sties.

  11. Web Promotion says:

    Well, cheap is good, but be very careful when choosing your hosting company. Do not trust any unlimited marketing heap. I prefer something solid like HawkHost or SharkSpace for once.

  12. Avnish Gautam says:

    Most of the qualities mentioned above can be find in top web hosting service providers. Thanks.

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