10 Best Web Safe Fonts List

Web safe fonts are the best way to get a fast site as they load instantly across browser platforms. While custom web CSS fonts like Google fonts are getting popular, they do take time to load and can lead to a blank website look, while the font loads.

web safe fonts

Though there are many claimants of web-safe fonts (like web safe colors), these are the fonts that will work across all platforms – Windows, Mac OSX, and Unix. Most lists will need to include several backup fonts, but these fonts do not need backups. They are all free fonts.

To add an Arial font to CSS, simply use this
font-family: arial;

Here is the list of web-safe fonts which are the best to use in your site design for reliable performance and quick loading site design. They have been displayed in normal, bold and italics format for better visualization.

Web Safe Sans Serif Fonts

The following fonts are web-safe fonts in sans serif style

  • Arial
  • Helvetica
  • Verdana
  • Tahoma
  • Arial Black
  • Trebuchet MS

See the styles below as they would look on a webpage.

Arial Heading

Arial Bold
Arial italics

Helvetica Heading

Helvetica Bold
Helvetica Italics

Verdana Heading

Verdana Bold
Verdana Italics

Tahoma Heading

Tahoma Bold
Tahoma Italics

Arial Black Heading

Arial Black
Arial Black Bold
Arial Black Italics

Trebuchet MS Heading

Trebuchet MS
Trebuchet MS Bold
Trebuchet MS Italics

Web Safe Serif Fonts

The following fonts are web safe fonts in serif style

  • Georgia
  • Times New Roman

See the styles below as they would look on a webpage.

Georgia Heading

Georgia Bold
Georgia Italics

Times New Roman Heading

Times New Roman
Times New Roman Bold
Times New Roman Italics

Web Safe Monospace Fonts

Courier New Heading

Courier New
Courier New Bold
Courier New Italics

Web Safe Cursive Fonts

Comic Sans MS Heading

Comic Sans MS
Comic Sans MS Bold
Comic Sans MS Italics

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